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Growatt Infinity 1500 is the ultimate power hub for all of your devices

This content was produced in partnership with Growatt.

We might as well call this the age of the portable power station, and for good reason. With various weather events hitting what seems to be regularly, uncertain power sources  that can lead to blackouts and outages, the rising costs of the average power bill, and cold winter weather on the way, there’s a lot to be concerned about when it comes to securing energy. Portable power stations are an excellent way to ensure you have power if and when something happens, at least for your essentials. And it’s always nice to see new players and new options hit the market, like Growatt’s Infinity 1500 — a newly launched portable power station.

Each new system unveiled by power makers purports to be bigger and better than the rest out there, and with the Infinity 1500 that indeed seems to be the case, particularly at its price point of $1,599. But the biggest draw is that this thing is packed with power and practicality. For starters, it features a 1,512-watt-hour battery capacity, with a 2,000-watt AC output, and 12 outlets total to plug in your many devices and electronics. It charges via AC in just two hours but supports 800-watt solar input so you can hook up solar panels at any time, and it takes just two and a half hours to charge that way. Growatt has over a decade of experience in the energy solutions field on the B2B side of things, and it shows. This is their first consumer-facing product, and you can learn more by visiting the dedicated page below, or simply by reading on.

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Introducing the Growatt Infinity 1500 portable power station

Growatt Infinity 1500 used indoors to plug in electronics.

Right away, you’ll notice the design, and while the Infinity 1500 has a similar brick shape as many of the other portable power stations, the top offers wireless charging. You can set your phone on top — or any other wireless-charging-enabled device — and it will automatically power up the battery. More importantly, the 12 various outlets make all the difference, including two USB-A, two fast-charge USB, two USB-C, four AC outputs at 2,000 watts, a DC output, a solar and vehicle input up to 800 watts, and a 1,500-watt AC input. You can plug into all 12 outlets at once, having up to 12 devices powered on and charging. Overload protection ensures that no devices are damaged or experience power surges of any kind. Of course, one of the best features is the fast-charging support which means the Infinity 1500 can recharge to full fairly quickly, much faster than comparable stations mind you. It charges normally, via AC, in just two hours, but the solar charging supports an 800-watt input which allows it to charge via renewable energy in just two and a half hours. That’s remarkable! You’ll never need an outlet again at this rate!

The Infinity 1500 can also work as a UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, to keep your most important gear powered on even during an outage. It’s safe to use indoors as well, unlike traditional generators that produce toxic emissions — the Infinity 1500 does not.

A free smartphone app, called the myGro app, syncs with the power station and allows you to remotely access and adjust settings. You can also keep a close eye on the device and anything connected to it, so you know how much battery power is left, for example, or what outlets are being used currently. As the Infinity 1500 serves as a powerful hub for all of your electronics, it’s super convenient to be able to access and monitor the system remotely through the app.

What can you plug in and power?

Growatt Infinity 1500 used while camping to plug in gear.

Some of the more obvious uses are always worth mentioning, of course. For instance, you can charge your mobile devices and phones, tablets, game consoles, speakers, laptops, cameras, and even a projector, as if you wanted to have a movie night outdoors.

Then there are the lesser-known options like light bulbs, drones, electric grills up to 1,200 watts, hair dryers, Wi-Fi routers, TVs, microwave ovens, air conditioners up to 1,000 watts, blenders, and even a small refrigerator up to 150 watts.

Keeping these devices operational during an outage might be the top choice, but you can also power them while you’re on the road or off-grid. If you’re camping or living in a wilderness cabin, whether permanently or for a vacation, the Infinity 1500 will make a suitable energy companion. You can toss it in your vehicle or RV easily, and it won’t take up much space, so it’s just as useful on the road. It weighs 16.5 kilograms or about 36 pounds, so while not super lightweight, it’s not too bulky either. Add some solar panels and you’ll be able to charge it anywhere using renewable energy, even when you can’t get to an outlet.

One hub to rule them all

Growatt Infinity 1500 with solar panels at the beach.

With over-temperature, short circuit, over-discharge, overpower, overcharge, and overvoltage protections, the Infinity 1500 will keep everything charged and powered up, without causing any serious problems. Seeing as it can power about 95% of outdoor devices, mobiles, and home appliances, it’s the ideal hub for all your power needs — dare we say the one hub to rule them all?

The Growatt Infinity 1500 is available now, normally $1,599, you can get it for $200 off, with the final price at $1,299. You have to hurry though, as that deal will only be available for the next few days.

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