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This 32-inch 4K monitor is so cheap for Labor Day it could be a mistake

Labor Day is creeping closer and retailers are pushing Labor Day sales up on the calendar, like the Walmart Labor Day Sale, as well as these monitor deals and gaming monitor deals. When it comes to screens, bigger can be better, and today, at Walmart, you can score $271 off this 32-inch LG Screen Split 32UD59-B 4K LED Monitor. It’s down to only $329, a massive drop from its original price of $600. That’s nearly half off. Immerse yourself in your work, content, and games, with this monitor from LG — on sale today!

There’s nothing like a large-size monitor to immerse you in your games or help you conquer your workday. And with the 32-inch LG Screen Split 4K LED Monitor, you’ll be one step ahead with precise, clear, large-scale visuals, and loads of features. This is a monitor equipped with endless graphic capabilities. It’s for someone who takes their gaming seriously or a designer or editor who needs the most accurate visuals.

LG put looks ahead of everything with this monitor, beginning with the enhanced color accuracy and 4K UHD resolution of its 32-inch screen. That resolution is 3840 x 2160 4K UHD — which means images with four times the clarity of a 720p display. And it has the ultimate in color clarity, with an 8-bit color table and 95% coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut. It’s got visuals covered from every angle, with a 5ms response time, a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, and a 300 cd/m² brightness rating for a more dynamic picture.

In terms of features, this monitor rules as well. For connectivity, they’ve simplified the setup by including both HDMI and DisplayPort inputs for ease of installation. With its split-screen capabilities, you can customize your on-screen setup for multitasking. You can resize and customize various windows at once with 14 viewing options, including four picture-in-picture modes. The screen’s stand is easily adjustable, giving you the optimum viewing height.

When it comes to advantages for gamers, this monitor kicks it off with AMD FreeSync Technology built into the display — allowing you to marry this monitor to a compatible graphics card for the best response time and the virtual elimination of lagging, ghosting, and tearing. Meanwhile, the Black Stabilizer technology will brighten up dark scenes, allowing you to get a jump on your opponents. This monitor doesn’t just allow bigger, better, clearer visuals, it allows you to dominate!

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