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Upgrading your home theater? Amazon drops the price on Polk Audio Mini soundbar

No home entertainment setup is complete without a soundbar, and Amazon has slashed the price off one of the best in the business — the Polk Audio MagniFi Mini. The kicker? It also comes bundled with a sleek, lightweight wireless subwoofer.

The reduction has seen the $300 price tag usually attached to the bundle reduced to a more affordable $219, saving you $80 off — which just so happens to be the cheapest the retailer has sold it for so far this year.

What’s interesting about the MagniFi Mini is that it was designed with space-saving in mind, so it isn’t as cumbersome as some of the leading soundbars on the market — like the Yamaha YAS-207 — but it still gives them a run for their money. In fact, if you’re after a sleek soundbar to pair with a smaller TV, this is a perfect option.

Sporting six drivers, the MagniFi Mini produces a much bigger soundstage than its appearance would have you believe, which, when coupled with the bundled subwoofer, creates a listening experience like no other in the sub-$250 price bracket.

It all comes down to expectations. If you think the MagniFi Mini will deliver an audio experience that’s reminiscent of your local IMAX, you’ll be left a little red in the face; but if you’re looking for something to amplify basic TV, you’ll love it.

In fact, the MagniFi Mini is so respected by the team here at Digital Trends that it’s included in our round-up of the best soundbars on the market — and it was added when it retailed at $300. Now that it’s on sale for $219, it’s an absolute must-have.

We also gave it a steller rating in our full review, with our A/V and entertainment editor concluding:

“Polk Audio’s MagniFi Mini is one of the most affordable and intuitive sound solutions in the soundbar genre, and one well worth considering for those looking to improve their TV’s sound without even nudging the furniture.”

If you’re looking for something a little larger to sit beneath the 4K TV in your home entertainment setup, check out our list of the best soundbars. And if you still yet to upgrade to a 4K TV, there are some fantastic deals floating around right now.

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