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Gift Mom much-needed time with Roborock’s Mother’s Day Promotion

Mother and daughter with Roborock S5 Max smart vacuum.

Some of the best gifts you can get for Mother’s Day, outside of a nice massage or a quick getaway, is a practical item that makes the recipient’s life so much easier. Mom, wife, family member, friend, or someone you know, it doesn’t matter, every woman leads a busy life, so any gift that earns them a few minutes back in their day is an excellent choice! Roborock’s smart home solutions can provide just that, and it’s currently offering some convenient Mother’s Day sales to coincide with the big day. Several of its smart robotic vacuums, including the S7, E4, and S6Pure, are on sale until May 8, for up to 47% off. It’s the perfect time to grab one for Mom and help her with some chores, without even lifting a finger! We’ll dive into each model on sale in more detail below.

Roborock S7 – $480, was $650

Roborock S7 smart vacuum cleaning while Mom relaxes with best friend.

If you want to get your mom the best of the best, the Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop certainly qualifies. It features 2,500 Pascals (Pa) of powerful suction, but also utilizes a unique Sonic Mopping technology that uses sound to scrub floors, up to 3,000 times per minute. The mop is fed by a 300 milliliter (ml) electronic water tank, which holds enough to deep clean up to 2,150 square feet of space in a single run. It can also be paired with the Auto-Empty Dock — sold separately — which allows the vacuum to empty its dustbin for more seamless cleaning runs. Additional features of the S7 include Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands, remote and mobile app controls, multi-level mapping for multi-floor homes, intelligent mop lifting for carpets and raised surfaces, and much more.

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Roborock E4 – $160, was $300

Roborock E4 smart vacuum cleaning quietly during a family nap.

Available at an incredibly reasonable price, the E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers a 200-minute runtime, with carpet boost technology to ensure both hard floors and soft floors, like carpet, are thoroughly cleaned. Because of the powerful 2,000 Pascals of suction power, it’s a solid option for homes with pets, kids, or even just messy adults. It syncs with Alexa so Mom can issue voice commands, but she can also control the vacuum through the mobile app. The navigation system is smart enough to weave around the home and clean all major areas, and the large 640-milliliter dustbin holds quite a bit of debris before it needs to be emptied.

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Roborock S6Pure – $320, was $600

Roborock S6Pure cleaning while Mom and daughter play.

Also a smart robotic vacuum, the Roborock S6Pure is another great model to consider if you’re planning to gift to your mom or any deserving mother. It’s a vacuum and mop combo, offering up to 2,000 Pascals of suction, with an automatic carpet power boost mode. Convenient selective room cleaning means you can schedule and assign individual rooms in your home to be cleaned, rather than the entire house top to bottom in one run. It’s a fantastic feature if you want to spot clean select rooms like the living room, a playroom, or the kitchen, between uses. The 180-milliliter water tank holds enough to clean up to 1,610 square feet in one go. What’s more, Siri and Alexa voice controls are supported, and you can configure the vacuum remotely through the Roborock app — it connects to a 2.4GHz WiFi network. Overall, once you get it all set up for Mom, she can let it run with minimal interruptions — she will have to empty the reservoir and dustbin between runs.

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