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Our favorite Samsung OLED TV is $800 off today

The Samsung S95B OLED TV on pedestal stand with an image of colorful flowers on screen
Riley Young/Digital Trends

If you just got some new tech goodies for the holidays, like a PS5, you may be looking to improve your home theater system. Why not skip straight to the best tech around, OLED? This Samsung S95B OLED TV is one of the best OLED TVs available today, and our current favorite from Samsung. The 65-inch model currently has a major discount that brings the price from $2,800 down to $2,000. While it’s not exactly cheap, this hefty price cut does make it one of the best OLED TV deals available right now. If you need the best of the best for your home theater, grab this deal before it’s gone.

The S95B is our favorite OLED TV from Samsung. Samsung OLED is hard to beat, and the S95B is a great example. The greatest advantage of OLED technology is each pixel’s ability to light itself, shoing you perfect blacks and deep colors on the same screen at the same time. For that reason, the contrast of OLED TVs can’t be beat. Samsung capitalizes on this with their Neural Quantum Processor 4K. The AI processor upscales all of the content, ensuring a gorgeous and crisp picture, even on content that wasn’t designed with OLED in mind. Visually stunning blockbusters like Avatar will look immersive and lifelike, but so will, say, Sienfield. The processor does other fancy tricks, like analyzing every movie scene and optimizing the contrast and crispness on objects in the foreground, just like your eyes would in real life.

Another thing that makes Samsung’s OLED TVs a step above their peers is the combination of OLED and QLED. QLED, or Quantum Dot, is a technology that Samsung has been developing for years. It allows for TVs to show the entire spectrum of colors, and helps brighten the entire screen. When you combine that with OLED pixels, you get a gorgeous display that has amazing contrast, brightness, and color. There isn’t much else you could ask for.

The 65-inch Samsung S95B OLED TV is currently $2,000, $800 off its usual price. It’s one of our favorite OLED TVs of 2022, and one of the best Samsung TV deals today. This deal is available straight from Samsung’s website. Grab it before they sell out!

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