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Get your coding career off the ground with the $49 Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle

Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle
Demand for coders and web developers is at an all-time high, but jumping into the wide world of programming can be daunting for a newbie. If you want to start a coding career, or if you’d just like to Create apps and websites as a hobby, then check out our new Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle. This 10-course package contains more than 80 hours of learning material that will help you master the most versatile and commonly used coding tools, including Python, JavaScript, and HTML5.

The 10 lessons include:

  1. Ruby on Rails Developer with Rails 5 – The first course contains more than 20 hours of content that teaches you how to build complex interactive web apps using Ruby on Rails.
  2. JavaScript – Learn how to employ JavaScript, the most common language for web development projects, and get equipped with everything you need to pass the JavaScript Specialist Designation exam.
  3. Python – Python is a very popular coding language due to its versatility and ease of use. This course teaches you the ins and outs of using Python for web apps, ecommerce systems, game design, and more.
  4. Java – As one of the most in-demand languages for coding, Java is a must-have tool for aspiring programmers. Nine hours’ worth of lessons will take you from “beginner” to “expert” as you create your own working program.
  5. HTML5 and CSS3 – These two powerful tools are essential for web developers, and this course will equip you with the knowledge to create attractive and user-friendly interactive web pages for your clients.
  6. Angular 2 with TypeScript – Angular 2 is a relatively new app-building framework. This hands-on lesson will have you building real, working programs and single-page applications in no time.
  7. Xamarin – Xamarin is a great tool for building cross-platform apps that work on both iOS and Android devices. Master Xamarin and explore C# coding as you go from compiling basic mobile apps to complex ones.
  8. iOS 10 and Objective-C – Create apps for iOS 10 using Objective-C and Xcode 8, and learn how to submit them to the App Store. By the end of this course, you’ll be fully ready to build and publish your own unique iOS applications.
  9. SQL Server – You’ve probably heard of SQL before, as it is the go-to language for database programming. This lesson will teach you how to use SQL to create and manage server databases for websites – a great addition to any résumé.
  10. Practical web programming 101 – The final course runs the gamut of basic but vital everyday web development tasks, from HTML- and CSS-based page layouts to enhancing sites with jQuery and JavaScript.

These comprehensive lessons would cost hundreds of dollars if purchased separately, but you can score this new Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle for just $49 from the DT Shop. Demand for coders isn’t going anywhere, so if you’ve been thinking about pursuing programming, then there’s no time like the present.

$49 on the DT Shop

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