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Save $50 on this Vizio 50-inch 4K TV at Walmart for the holidays

4K TV deals Vizio 50-inch smart TV

It could be a long winter, with a great amount of time indoors, so you’re going to want the best home theater system with which to enjoy it. And that begins with a proper 4K TV, so check out these 4K TV deals. But if you want to make sure your 4K TV arrives by Christmas, head over to Walmart where you can get $52 off this 50-inch Vizio Quantum 4K Smart TV. It’s only $298, down from its regular price of $350. It’s your last chance to have this 4K TV in time for Christmas, so order now!

When it comes to 4K TVs, 50 inches is not too big and not too small — it’s just right. They’re the perfect size for the entertainment system in your average apartment or living room. With brilliant 4K picture, you can always fully enjoy the details of the images, and 50 inches won’t dominate your room like some bigger screens.

Vizio is a leader in the world of 4K TVs for a reason. The picture you’ll get on this TV is fantastically clear, bright, and precise, even compared to other 4K TVs, thanks to this TV’s Quantum Color and its Full Array backlight (which allows better light uniformity), providing over a billion hues of vibrant color. It’s got Dolby Vision HDR which upgrades every image so that the brights are their brightest, the hues the most finely graded and the colors are most varied. What you’re witnessing is 4K Ultra HD, with over 8 million pixels. Working behind the scenes is the Vizio IQ Active processor, giving you better upscaling to your HD content that isn’t quite 4K.

And if you’re a gamer, or a fan of fast-paced action, whether in sports or action films, this TV’s dynamic motion rate 120 has you covered, giving you the clearest, glitch-free presentation of the most intense scenes. There’s also a V-Gaming Engine to improve performance on your new PlayStation or other consoles.

And then there’s the smart-factor, which is borderline genius. This 4K TV has Apple Play and Chromecast built-in, and it can work with Alexa and other voice-controlled devices to give you touchless control. It easily integrates with Google Assistant, Alexa, and the rest, giving you a new hub for your smart home, and there are free streaming channels ready for you to access the moment you connect to your Wi-Fi. With three HDMI ports and a USB connection, what more could you ask for?

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As we get close to Christmas we’re seeing tons of exciting 4K TV deals, but if you want your new home theater setup by Christmas, look no further than Walmart. Right now, you can score $52 off a 50-inch Vizio Quantum 4K Smart TV; it’s only $298, down from from its original price of $350. It’s your last chance to get this discount and have this 4K TV delivered by Christmas, so get on it!

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