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Walmart sale cuts price of the latest-model Apple iPad 128GB

Last week we told you about great deals on the latest model 32GB iPad at Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart. This week we’ve noticed the savings at Walmart are extending to every color option of the 128GB model as well.

Walmart is selling the iPad 128GB for $329, $100 off its normal retail price. Unlike last week’s Amazon sale, the ever-popular gold model is included this time — so if you didn’t jump on last week’s deal, why not spend just $80 more for four times the storage space?

At higher storage capacities, tablets become more useful as laptop replacements, simply because you can store more on your device so you don’t need to depend on an internet connection to use them. Sure, it isn’t an iPad Pro or a Microsoft Surface, but add an accessory keyboard, and they’ll do the job for most.

The latest model standard iPads work with the newest version of the Apple Pencil, too. Great build quality, snappy hardware, and a simply gorgeous display round out the reasons why we have named the standard iPad our recommended choice for the everyday user.

Compared to its nearest Android competitor, the Galaxy Tab A, we think that there are some real notable advantages. The Apple iPad’s quad-core A10 chip makes the device much more responsive, and the 9.7-inch Retina touchscreen is head and shoulders better than the Tab’s. With the addition of Pencil support, and now competitive pricing, the iPad has taken away any advantage that the Tab A previously had.

Yeah, the design of the standard iPad hasn’t really changed over the past few years. The slim bezels of the iPad Pro sure are nice, and the iPad Air is just a dream to hold. But for the price, you’re getting an awful lot of tablet.

If you’re still looking for the 32GB model, for the time being Walmart is still offering it for $249. All color options are included.

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