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Walmart discounts the Roomba 618 just in time for last-minute holiday shoppers

Before vacuums, the only way to really effectively clean your floors was with a broom and mop. It wasn’t until awesome suction technology revolutionized household dirt removal that we finally had an alternative solution to pushing a broom around all day. Since the early days of cleaning tech, vacuums have received significant upgrades, of course. The newest models are bagless, cordless, and in some cases, powerful enough to defeat stains and mop your floors. However, the most exciting products to take the stage in the world of vacuuming in recent years are robot vacuums. These little robots offer hands-free, worry-free vacuuming with just the touch of a button.

Roombas are hands-down the most well-known name in the world of robotic vacuums, and there are a lot of different models within that brand to choose from. But if you’re looking to pick up some iRobot technology for cheap before Christmas arrives, the Roomba 618 is probably your best bet considering it’s on sale right now. With a wonderful three-stage cleaning system and dual multisurface brushes, this helpful little robotic vacuum can tackle just about verything you throw at it. It comes with an auto-adjust head that changes height based on the surface, as well as an easy-to-empty bin to make maintenance a breeze.

Though there are a lot of neat features to note, it’s one-touch cleaning that makes an iRobot Roomba worthwhile. This is why robotic vacuums are so great for keeping your hardwood floors and carpets free of dust, pet hair, and dirt on a daily basis. You can literally just press a button and forget all about it. All of these modern robot vacuums also come with sensors to avoid running into walls or tragically tumbling downstairs, but this Roomba also offers automatic docking and recharging.

Normally priced at $269, the iRobot Roomba 618 is currently on sale for just $229 from Walmart during the retailer’s last-minute gift sale. With free two-day shipping, you can even get it before Christmas if you act fast. If you or someone you love is tired of doing all of those household chores without the help of a cleaning robot, then a Roomba is a perfect gift. However, if you are hoping for something a little bit fancier than this more basic model, we’ve also found the best Roomba deals available right now.

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