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This GameCube controller adapter gives you more options for ‘Smash Bros.’

The Nintendo Switch supports a wired controller adapter that also functions with the Wii U, giving you the ability to plug four GameCube controllers into your console for games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It’s a fine option if you have people over to your house, but it doesn’t let you enjoy the same experience on the go. Accessory company 8BitDo looks to change that with the “GBros.” wireless adapter, and it should look familiar to fans of the Wii.

The GBros. wireless adapter connects to a traditional GameCube controller and uses Bluetooth to communicate with your Switch. This essentially turns your wired GameCube controller into a wireless one, so you don’t have to let its cord length dictate where you sit to play it. Because Nintendo’s own GameCube adapter plugs into the USB port on the Switch’s dock, it can’t be used in handheld or tabletop modes, but the GBros. has no such limitations.

If you decide to play a different game on your Switch and need to use a separate controller, you can do so. Along with the GameCube controller, the GBros. also supports the NES Classic and NES Classic controllers, along with the Wii Classic controller — perfect for playing the Nintendo Switch Online free games.

Because the GameCube controller doesn’t have a “home” or “screenshot” button, these functions are still handled by the GBros. adapter. The buttons are designed to look like they came from the original purple GameCube, as well, so your retro aesthetic will be kept intact. With 30 hours of battery life, you shouldn’t have any issue playing in Smash Bros. Ultimate marathons, either, provided that your Switch has a power source.

As an added bonus, the GBros. adapter also works with your PC. We’re not exactly sure why you’d want to use a GameCube controller on PC unless you’re making use of something like the Dolphin emulator, but the option is there!

The GBros. wireless adapter is available to pre-order for $20. It will ship on December 7, the same date that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches for Nintendo Switch. Other 8BitDo Switch products are also available, including wireless retro-style controllers.

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