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All nursery rhyme solutions in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake is a famous writer, but neither he nor the new protagonist Saga are known for being particularly fond of nursery rhymes. Whether or not you fall into that category as well won’t matter because Alan Wake 2 hides some very valuable rewards behind puzzles disguised as these small children’s poems. Solving them involves a little bit of exploration, deductive reasoning, and then putting all the right pieces in place. This is one of the many optional cases in the game, and these rhymes are hidden across all the major zones in and around Bright Falls. If you’re stumped on any of these nursery rhyme puzzles, here are all the solutions in Alan Wake 2.

All nursery rhyme answers

There are 17 total nursery rhyme puzzles to find and solve in Alan Wake 2, broken up into all the different major locations. Whenever a puzzle involves placing dolls, make sure you pick up the dolls after solving it because they are needed for other puzzles in that area as well.

Cauldron Lake nursery rhymes

A map of cauldron lake in alan wake 2.
Remedy Entertainment

The first rhyme puzzle you will come across is in the campsite you can access after the flooding has been removed. Cross the bridge and look immediately to the left. The solution is to take the Crow doll off the table and place it on the drawing of the sun.

Your second puzzle adds in the Hero and Wolf dolls from inside the Witchfinder’s Station. You will pass the puzzle itself on the way inside. To solve this one, place the Crow on the Tree and the Hero on the Boat.

Third up, we now add a Wolf into the mix. This is the toughest yet but can be found at the Private Cabin on the map. The solution this time is to put the Crow on the Chick, Hero on the Heart, and Wolf on the House.

You will need to come back much later to get the final two rhymes, but once you can get into Cabin 4 the puzzle will be in the first room. Put the Monster on the Hatchling, Crow on the Eye, and Hero on the Jewelry.

Before going on, make sure you grab the new doll that appears after solving the previous puzzle. Once you have it, go to the Witchfinder’s Station where the puzzle won’t be written as usual, but relayed to you via a radio. The drawings will also be spread out across both floors of the house.

The final puzzle is solved by putting the Father on the Eye, Hero on the Sun, Mother on the Heart, Child on the Hatchling, and Trickster on the Wave.

Bright Falls nursery rhymes

A map of bright falls in alan wake 2.
Remedy Entertainment

Located right next to the Cult Stash to the northeast of the save room in Bunker Woods, and directly south of the G in the Bright Falls label on the map, is the first rhyme in the area. What you need to do here is put the Mother on the House and Child on the Tree.

Travel into the Ranger station and find the next task in one of the bedrooms. All you need to do here is put the Child on the House and Monster on the Candy.

Follow the southern coast east from the Ranger station to find this puzzle on a slab of rock on the shore. Just put the Monster on the Wave, Child on the Jewelry, and Mother on the Boat, and be on your way.

Head onto the docks from Billie’s Boat Yard to stumble right into the next puzzle. The answer now is to put the Mother on the Wave and the Monster on the Boat.

Coffee World  nursery rhymes

A map of coffee world in alan wake 2.
Remedy Entertainment

The first pair of new dolls you need for this set of rhymes can be grabbed after you fight the Thrower Taken. Just continue around the corner to find a little campsite with the dolls and puzzle. The solution is to place the Moose on the Tree.

From the Radio Tower, go straight south all the way to the southern border to find the next puzzle. The solution here is to put the Deer on the House.

After the flooding is gone, which you do by progressing the story, go down to the southern end of the Lighthouse Trailer Park and grab two more dolls at the Fish Cleaning station, then two more on the nearby bench leading to the dock. The puzzle itself is at the end of the dock. To solve this puzzle you need to put the Wise Elder on the Waves and the Bear on the Candy.

Next, you can pick up the Trickster doll off the front steps of the Lighthouse and go to the cliff to begin the puzzle. You will need to place the Trickster on the Waves and Wise Elder on the Eye to solve the riddle.

Our next rhyme to solve is on the dock heading onto the water north through Latte Lagoon. Put down the Moose on the Wave, Trickster on the Jewelry, and Deer on the Boat.

We will need two more dolls from the second-floor bedroom in the Ranger Cabin. Once you have them, take them to the puzzle out back. Use your new Maiden on the Tree and Bear on the Heart to crack this case.

Now that you can unlock the building behind Suomi Hall using the screwdriver in the Watery, this rhyme puzzle is available. Drop down the Maiden on the House and Trickster on the Jewelry to complete it.

Back in the trailer park, come back when you have the bolt cutters to open the locked trailer. Inside is the puzzle. This one is solved by putting the Wise Elder on the Eye and Deer on the Heart.

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