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Want to squeeze your favorite Pokémon? Now you can, thanks to these plushies

Pokémon have been getting turned into adorable toys and other merchandise for years, as fans just can’t get enough of the adorable little fighting critters. The Pokémon Company may have gone overboard with its latest project though: turning all 151 original Pokémon into plush toys.

Pokémon Fit is a new line of “palm-sized” plush toys that will be sold at Japanese Pokémon Center locations. Each will cost about $10, so you’ll have to spend more than $1,500 in order to purchase them all. You’ll also probably need to get a bigger place in order to fit all of them, unless you plan on squishing them into your 151 spare Poké Balls.

The first wave of Pokémon Fit plush toys releases July 13 and will feature 30 monsters, including Pikachu, Eevee, Rattata, Moltres, Jigglypuff, and Ditto, to name a few. Diglett is one of our personal favorites, as the plush comes with simulated dirt on the bottom to make it appear that the Pokémon is popping out of the ground.

In November, the next wave of Pokémon will be released, though the announcement didn’t specify which to expect. Most of the ones available in the first wave are of the initial forms rather than evolutions, so we’re hoping to see Charizard or Blastoise make an appearance.

Though it doesn’t appear that there are any plans for the Pokémon Fit line to release in North America, we’re betting you’ll be able to find them at the Nintendo New York store later this year.

Pokémon fans are certainly being kept busy, with Pokémon Quest available for free on Switch, iOS, and Android and Pokémon: Let’s Go coming exclusively to Switch this November. Like the plush line, Let’s Go will focus exclusively on the original Kanto monsters, and either Pikachu or Eevee will follow you around as you explore the 3D environments, catch new Pokémon, and battle trainers. As with Pokémon Go, the game uses a motion-based system to catch new creatures, and a special Poké Ball Plus device can be used as a controller instead of the Switch’s Joy-Con. If you play Pokémon Go, you can also use the device with the mobile game and even bring your phone’s collection onto your Switch.

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