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The best Among Us costumes

For such a simple game, graphics-wise anyway, Among Us features a ton of creative and unique cosmetics you can deck your little spaceperson out in. You have a wide variety of hats, skins, and colors to cycle through to show off your unique personality … or just look like a complete weirdo. Whatever you think makes you look more believable. Just head to the laptop in the waiting lobby and cycle through the options to find something that works.

It would be unfair for any of these to actually come with bonuses or advantages, so thankfully these changes only impact your character’s look. Still, with so many possible combinations to go through, who doesn’t want to be the best-dressed crewmate or imposter in the game? Here are the best Among Us costumes that might just convince the others of your innocence.

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Best Among Us costume combinations

Players have gone crazy with some of their creations using just a few simple colors, hats, and outfits. A good selection of these are available for free, plus some that only become available during holiday events like Halloween and Christmas, but there are quite a few you might need to pay for. These can be between $1 and $2 if you’re playing on mobile, while PC players get additional hats and skins for free. If you want a pet, you’ll have to pay $3 no matter which platform you’re on.


Among Us engineer

Sometimes the best way to blend in is to stand out. While everyone else is running around looking like some abomination, throw on the Hard Hat and either a reflective vest or stained overalls to look like just another member of the crew. It never hurts to at least look like you know what you’re doing.


Among Us Elf

If you manage to pick up the Christmas themed items then donning one of the Elf Hats is a great way to invite positive opinions. After all, who could suspect a helpful little green elf of being an imposter, right? Turn yourself green, maybe with a standard green or outfit, to complete the look.


Among Us Chef

Who would turn against a Chef? Deck yourself out in white, toss on the Chef’s hat, and you’ll be everyone’s best friend. Just don’t let anyone get suspicious about what ingredients you’re using in your latest stew or you might find yourself in a pickle.


Among Us Elvis

When you’re dressed as “The King” himself, you always have a perfect way to deflect the blame when it comes your way. Just bust out one of his classic tunes and everyone will completely forget what was going on. Just stay away from Jailhouse Rock.


Among Us Devil

The Devil would be too obvious of a suspect to actually be the imposter, right? With the red devil horns, red skin, and classy suit with a red tie, you’ll have everyone second-guessing themselves as to whether or not you’re trustworthy. Just make sure you’re a smooth talker or this one might backfire on you.


Among Us Angel

Or why not toss on a halo and become the embodiment of innocence: An Angel? Something about that floating golden loop just makes it hard to toss you out of an airlock. Use that trust to keep yourself on the team’s good side.


Among Us Batman

So, while you can’t be the actual Batman, you can be a literal batman if you grabbed the batwings headpiece. Pair these with an all black or brown suit and you can become the hero the crew deserves. Or, if you play long enough, live long enough to see yourself become the imposter.

Plague Doctor

Among Us Plague

Despite being iconic from the 14th century and the bubonic plague, the image of a plague doctor has seen a bit of a resurgence in recent times. The beak-like mask is a little scary, but it’s hard to deny the sense of style you get when paired with an old-timey tophat and simple overalls. If nothing else, the imposter may just want to keep their distance from you.

Regular doctor

Among Us Doctor

For a more … modern doctor outfit look no further than the mirror headband and lab coat. While no one really knows what that headband thing is actually for, you can’t deny it gives your character a strong sense of authority. Just don’t mention whipping out any needles or you might get ejected out of fear.


Among Us Captain

Who’s to say the captain of a crew wouldn’t look like a ship or airplane captain? The captain’s hat and outfit doesn’t really make it clear what you’re the captain of, exactly, but just talk like you’re in charge and everyone else should fall in line.


Among Us Sheriff

When a crime scene is found, who better than the local sheriff to take charge of the investigation? With your giant hat and tan pants, you can take charge of the situation with no problem. Really get into character with an accent and you’ll be in the clear, partner.


Among Us Eggplant

A fruit could never hurt anyone, right? All you need to is don the leaf headpiece and pick a color to transform into everyone’s favorite healthy snack. Go green or red for a classic apple, maybe purple for a grape or eggplant, and orange for a carrot or, you know, an orange.


Among Us Businessman

Another character you can really role play into is the old fashioned rich businessman. With your sharp white hat and spotless white suit or tuxedo, strut around the ship like you own the place. If you get suspected of any foul play, just brush off such trivial things as being below you.

Jason Voorhees

Among Us Jason

Okay, this one might paint a bit of a target on your back, but who can deny how cool this costume looks? The hockey mask with red eyes and overalls are completely menacing. You might have a hard time talking your way out of being suspected of stabbing that other player in the back, but wearing this costume while stabbing the crew in the back is so, so satisfying.


Among Us Pirate

Pirates, thanks to a certain film franchise, have really turned their reputations around. What would normally be seen as the least trustworthy type of person to have on a ship is now just a fun loving joker with a heart of gold. Everyone wants to be friends with a pirate, so throw on a dew rag and brown adventuring outfit and start a mutiny … or maybe don’t.

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