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What is the max level in The First Descendant?

A man with a gun fights a robot in The First Descendant.

Live-service games are all about the grind. In The First Descendant, you will be grinding for weapons, armor, materials, and XP to level up either solo or with a squad. Once you start taking on missions, you will quickly realize that there isn’t just one, but two different things you will be leveling up. The first is your Descendant level, and the second is your Mastery Rank, and each one gives different rewards. If you’re gunning to be the most powerful Descendant in Albion, you have plenty of grinding to do if you want to hit the level cap in both categories.

What are the max levels in The First Descendant?

As mentioned, there are two different ways to level up in The First Descendant, but both are done through the same method of beating missions.

The max Descendant level is 40, but this is a little misleading since each individual Descendant has its own Descendant level that is not shared between the others. That means you could grind all 14 currently available Descendants to 40, which could take you quite a long time to do.

Your Mastery Rank is your true level that persists no matter which Descendant you use. The current max Mastery Rank in The First Descendant is 30, and it takes far longer to earn XP for since you only get points when completing missions for the first time, when you increase your weapon proficiency, or when you level up Descendants without using any Sockets in your Module slot.

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Is The Finals cross-platform?

Yes, The Finals supports full crossplay across all platforms, including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. You will automatically match up and play against people on all platforms, but you do have the option to limit yourself to only get matched up with people on your specific platform if you wish. This could be an advantage if you feel players on mouse and keyboard have an unfair edge over controller players, but it could make finding a game more difficult.

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This pistol is currently the king of light builds. Pistols usually have a reputation for being weak, but the V9S is by no means underpowered. It is a semiautomatic pistol, so you can shoot fast as long as you feel confident in your aim, and it's deadly accurate at medium and long ranges. Being so light, it will keep you mobile and out of danger for hit-and-run assaults.

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Light class

Starting from the lightest and working our way up, we have the fast but squishy Light class. Your character is the most sleek and hardest to hit of the bunch, but also the lowest health to compensate. Your choice of weapons consists of pistols, an SMG, a rifle, a shotgun, and a sword, so this class requires you to get up close and personal to deal damage.

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