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The best weapons in The Finals

A shooter is only as good as its weapon selection. Without an armory stocked with fun, satisfying, and powerful guns to pick from, even a game as dynamic and unique as The Finals would grow stale. Thankfully, that isn’t the case as the game launched with an impressive list of weapons to unlock and experiment with alongside its gadgets. The tricky thing about picking a “best” weapon in this game is that they are divided up between the three classes: light, medium, and heavy. That means you may have to learn to use a new weapon or adapt to a new class if you really want to play the meta. Of course, we expect balance changes and new weapons to shake this list up, but for now, these are the best weapons in The Finals.

Th best weapons in The Finals

As of the time of writing, there are 21 total weapons in The Finals. We’ve narrowed down our list to the top five to give players in each class an idea of which ones are dominating the competition.


A pistol in The Finals

This pistol is currently the king of light builds. Pistols usually have a reputation for being weak, but the V9S is by no means underpowered. It is a semiautomatic pistol, so you can shoot fast as long as you feel confident in your aim, and it’s deadly accurate at medium and long ranges. Being so light, it will keep you mobile and out of danger for hit-and-run assaults.


The AKM in The Finals.

The AKM sounds and looks like the most boring, generic rifle you’d find in any semirealistic shooter. That isn’t entirely wrong, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a perfect choice for medium classes. The AKM has no notable downsides, with decent stats in every category. Considering the class it’s meant for, this keeps you’re prepared and adaptable to play whatever role you need to at the drop of a hat.


Checking out an smg in The Finals.

If you know you want to play aggressively as a light build, bring out the XP-54. This SMG just shreds life bars when up close, which you will be most of the time thanks to your speed. The scope gives it some extra utility in the midrange, but mostly you will want to be up in your opponent’s face with this gun.

Lewis Gun

A huge LMG in The Finals.

Don’t worry heavy players, we got you. Or rather, the Lewis Gun does. Heavy weapons tend to be very situational, but this one actually allows you to compete in multiple situations rather well. It’s a machine gun with quite manageable recoil and accuracy, but most importantly great damage, which makes it competitive in open gunfights far more than other heavy options. It’s the best pick to provide excellent covering fire.

R. 357

A revolver in The Finals.

Let’s end with one more medium weapon: the revolver R. 357. Revolvers tend to follow the same basic formula of high damage, slow rate of fire, and a limit of six shots. The Finals holds true to that tradition, but the damage aspect is almost unreal. If you’re confident in your aim and manage your rate of fire, you can come out on top in most encounters with this powerhouse.

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