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The best Among Us players

Among Us may not seem like the most competitive game out there, but with enough practice, some careful timing, and a dash of deductive reasoning, it can be. The best Among Us players show that InnerSloth’s viral hit has more to offer than what’s on the surface, and in this guide, we’re going to count down the 10 players dominating the game.

Although Among Us has lost a bit of its luster since its boon in 2020, the game remains a staple of Twitch and YouTube streamers around the world. The players below are not only the top Among Us players, they’re also some of the most entertaining.

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Jeremy “DiguisedToast” Wang is probably the most well-known Among Us player out there, due in part to his involvement in OfflineTV with Pokimane and Michael Reeves, among others. DisguisedToast made a name for himself streaming Hearthstone on Twitch, but nowadays, he spends his time streaming Among Us on Facebook Gaming and posting cuts on his YouTube channel. Like any high-level player, DisguisedToast uses task timing, map awareness, and general game knowledge to gain an edge.


Félix “xQc” Lengyel was a professional Overwatch player for years, but now, he streams almost daily to his 7.4 million Twitch followersAmong Us is a popular title in the rotation, and like DisguisedToast, xQc uses timing and map awareness to get ahead. It’s most exciting when xQc is the imposter, though. He rarely wastes a moment, venting and darting around the map to isolate crew members and take them out. All the better, the moment it comes time to vote, xQc plays the role of an innocent crew member almost perfectly.


Ludwig Anders Ahgren — simply known as “Ludwig” — began his career as a top Super Smash Bros. Melee player before transitioning to streaming in 2018. Unlike the best Fortnite players, there aren’t a lot of Among Us tournaments available to determine the best players. Ludwig gets close, though, placing highly in FaZe Clan’s Among Us InVentAtional and placing first in one of the first Among Us tournaments ever. Accolades usually don’t say much for the best Among Us players, but they do when it comes to Ludwig.

Corpse Husband

Corpse Husband made a name for himself on YouTube, using his signature baritone voice to narrate internet horror stories. That was until he started making Among Us content. Although very popular before streaming Among Us, Corpse Husband found an even larger audience after, with his Among Us videos often hitting the trending page on YouTube and raking in tens of millions of views. What makes Corpse Husband interesting as a narrator also makes him interesting as an Among Us player, with low, smooth defenses every time his crew member legitimacy is brought into question.


Yetiapocalypse — or just “Yeti” — doesn’t have nearly as big of a following as the others on this list, but that’s been changing over the last several months. After taking first place in FaZe Clan’s first official Among Us tournament, Yeti’s platform started to bloom. Now, he streams to a Twitch following of around 55,000 followers and uploads VODs to his YouTube channel (currently sitting around over 25,000 subscribers).


5up is a very new content creator, uploading his first video to YouTube only a few months ago in August 2020. Despite his young online age, 5up has spread like wildfire throughout the Among Us community. Alongside Yeti and Ludwig, 5up competed and placed second in FaZe Clan’s Among Us tournament, catapulting 5up’s YouTube channel to 625,000 subscribers (around 10,000 less than his Twitch channel). 5up is one of the few content creators who’ve made a name for themselves solely off of Among Us, and it’s impressive to see how far he’s come in such a short time.


Trainwreckstv, like Ludwig, is one of the few Among Us players with a list of accolades. In addition to placing in the top 10 of FaZe Clan’s Among Us tournament, Trainwreckstv also placed first in Code Red’s Among Us tournament, taking home a grand prize of $5,000. It’s easy to see why, too. Although great at playing the role of a crewmember, it’s the way Trainwreckstv can craft a defense as an imposter that puts him in the top tier of players. He mainly streams to a Twitch following of just over 1 million, though consistently uploads to his YouTube channel, too.


Charlie “moistcr1tikal” White Jr. (also known as Big Moist and Penguinz0) has been making content for a while, hitting 1 million subscribers on YouTube back in 2014. Now, his YouTube channel has more than 7 million subscribers, with his Twitch channel following close behind (2.3 million followers). Although moistcr1tikal’s Among Us content is some of his most popular, he also streams Rust, Mr. Krabs Overdoses on Ketamine, and chess.


Nogla — fully Daithi De Nogla — often plays with some of the best Among Us players (Ludwig and xQc among them), so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s equally as good at the game. As an imposter, Nogla is able to sneak in kills and defend himself against ejection, and as a crewmember, able to use task timings and map awareness to snuff out the imposter. Unlike the others on this list, Nogla doesn’t have a Twitch channel. However, he uploads videos daily to his YouTube channel, which has 7.2 million subscribers.


Known mainly as an Overwatch streamer, m0xyy started streaming Among Us to his Twitch channel in 2020. As is the case with other top Among Us players, m0xyy is most entertaining as an imposter, but not for the same reasons as the others on this list. Although capable of putting up a defense when it comes time to vote, m0xyy is able to execute kills quickly and efficiently, dotting across the map as if Among Us were a game of a deathmatch. Although he still streams Among Us, m0xyy mostly competes in Overwatch while streaming these days.

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