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Loba confirmed to join Apex Legends in Season 5; new Quests mode incoming

Loba was officially confirmed as the next addition to the Apex Legends roster, joining the battle royale shooter for its upcoming Season 5.

The upcoming arrival of Loba was revealed through the latest “Stories from the Outlands” video for the game, which picks up from when her parents were killed by Revenant in the launch trailer for Season 4.

Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands – “Legacy of a Thief”

Developer Respawn Entertainment has not yet released Loba’s skills. But a previous leak claimed that one of her skills, named Burglar’s Best Friend, allows her to throw a disc and teleport to that location. It appears that this is what she used to evade her pursuers at the 0:48 mark of the video.

The end of the video shows her hatred towards Revenant, and it may be assumed that Loba will be joining Apex Legends in search of revenge for what the robot-assassin did to her parents.

Loba has long been rumored to be the next addition to Apex Legends, but even with the evidence gathered by dataminers, it was hard to believe that the thief was coming to the game with the suspicion that Respawn might have been trying to pull another Forge.

Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune’s Favor

In addition to the arrival of Loba, Season 5: Fortune’s Favor will also roll out a new Battle Pass and Series 4 of the game’s Ranked Mode. Ranked Series 4 will keep the split system, and will start with King’s Canyon before switching to World’s Edge. Respawn will also add the Reconnect option, which will allow players to get back into their Ranked matches if they get disconnected for reasons such as a game crash or internet outage.

Season 5 will also introduce the Quests mode, which will “richly’ reward players for completing “the journey.” Not much else is known about the new mode, though Apex Legends writer Tom Casiello appears to be extremely excited over its addition to the game.

Hey, remember when I said everybody gets lore in Season 5?

What I meant to say was “EVERYBODY GETS LORE IN SEASON 5!!!!”

— Tom Casiello (@tommiecas) April 30, 2020

Season 5 will start on May 12, which is a bit later than usual as its launch was delayed. In the meantime, players may participate in the limited-time Battle Armor event, which will see players already equipped with armor and a P2020 once matches start. From May 9 to May 12, players will be equipped with the Evo Armor, which starts with protection equivalent to a Level 1 armor, but gets stronger as players deal more damage.

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