Critical darling Axiom Verge heads to the PC on May 14

axiom verge pc release date

Axiom Verge earned quite a bit of praise when it was released last month for the PlayStation 4. While most of this praise was due to the sheer quality of the game, some was also aimed at the fact that the game was developed by a single person, Tom Happ.

Most of us would take a well-deserved break after single-handedly shipping a popular game, but Happ hasn’t slowed down. Instead, he threw himself into producing the PC and PlayStation Vita ports of the game. Now the PC port of Axiom Verge finally has a release date: May 14.

For those not yet familiar with the game, Axiom Verge is a 2D sidescroller heavily influenced by the classic NES game Metroid. That said, don’t think this game is just another retro throwback. It adds a number of unique additions, such as the Address Disruptor, a tool that seems as if it is causing glitches in the game.

The PC port of the game is being developed using FNA, which has been used to add multi-platform support to other games like Rogue Legacy, so Axiom Verge will also make its way to the Mac and Linux, though Happ told Polygon that those versions “might not be ready on launch day.” Like the recently released Titan Souls, the PC version of the game will support the DualShock 4 controller.

Those waiting for the PlayStation Vita version of the game may have to wait a while longer. The press release announcing the PC release date notes that such a release is still planned, and that cross-buy is supported with the PS4 version of the game, but no actual date is mentioned.

The game will be available on both Steam and the Humble Store, and like the PS4 version of the game, it will sell for $20. For more information see the game’s website or check out the PS4 launch trailer below.