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How to kill the Breaker in Back 4 Blood

Heavily armored and surprisingly agile, the Breaker makes it difficult to reach Back 4 Blood‘s next safe room. Not only will you need to burn through tons of ammo to kill it, but you’ll probably use up a few bandages in the process.

Breakers throw a wrench into the best-laid plans, and even veteran players have trouble fighting the deadly Special Ridden. However, if you find yourself squared up with the lumbering Breaker, here are a few tips to get you out unscathed.

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How to kill the Breaker

The Breaker towers over common zombies in Back 4 Blood.

Although it’s much more imposing than most other Special Ridden in Back 4 Blood, there’s no secret to taking down a Breaker. Teamwork, deep ammo reserves, and lots of patience are the keys to success — but there are a few things you can do to speed up the battle and save your resources.

  • Stay at a distance: Breakers deal the most damage when they’re in close-quarters combat, so do everything in your power to stay at arm’s length. Despite their size, Breakers can leap incredible distances, so be ready to sprint to a new location if you see it sailing through the air.
  • Take advantage of its speed: While Breakers can quickly cover ground by leaping, they move incredibly slow while on foot. That makes it easy to lure it away from teammates by grabbing its attention — or to quickly put some distance between you and the beast if you find yourself in its crosshairs.
  • Cat and mouse: Since Breakers are so slow, most players find it helpful to have one member of their team designated as the “bait” — that is, they’ll keep the Breaker distracted by running in circles while the rest of the Cleaners continuously shoot at the beast. It’s a solid technique, but it only works if the “bait” is fast enough to stay out of the Breaker’s deadly grasp.
  • Focus on weak spots: The Breaker’s weak spots are located around its shoulders and down by its legs. Shooting at these glowing red pustules will deal increased damage and reduce the amount of ammo you’ll waste in the encounter. If you don’t have a clear shot at them, consider moving to a new position or having a teammate lure the beast into a better location.

While dealing with a Breaker isn’t easy, you’ll also need to be on the lookout for other zombies in the vicinity. You’ll often be fighting a Breaker alongside dozens of other Ridden — and you’ll need to keep your head on a swivel to make it out alive. Communicate with your team, watch your ammo, use bandages wisely, and you’ll be in the next safe room before you know it.

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