The Banner Saga 2 heads to PS4, Windows, and Xbox One in 2015

banner saga 2 heads ps4 windows xbox one 2015

The Banner Saga 2 was confirmed in a brief trailer at The Game Awards 2014, backed by a live band that included Austin Wintory, Malukah, and Taylor Davis. Little is known about the sequel, beyond the fact that it continues the story set in motion by developer Stoic’s January 2014 release.

“It’s a great time to be an ‘indie’ and we couldn’t be more proud to continue working with the Stoic team and our partners at Fearless Media who helped make this happen,” publisher Versus Evil’s Streve Escalante in a statement.

Stoic, a two-man team of former BioWare developers, also has plans for a third game to wrap up the epic trilogy. The Banner Saga features a unique blend of turn-based combat in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics, with hard, branching narrative choices reminiscent of King of Dragon Pass. The whole thing is wrapped in beautiful, hand-drawn animation that looks like it sprung from the mind of Don Bluth.

The newly-announced sequel PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and unspecified PC platforms — probably Mac and Windows based on the original game’s release platforms — sometime in 2015. The first game is also set to arrive on PS4 and PS Vita in early 2015. An Xbox One port of the original has not yet been announced, but a recent ESRB rating suggests that one is coming as well.

Publisher Versus Evil promises to share more information about The Banner Saga 2 in early 2015.