‘Battlefield 4’ open beta begins October 4

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UPDATE: It turns out that the Battlefield 4 beta launches for one and all on October 4, not on October 1 as previously reported. The earlier date is when those with early access, via a Battlefield 3 Premium subscription, a Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe pre-order, or a Medal of Honor: Warfighter pre-order, can get in.

ORIGINAL POST: Battlefield 4 doesn’t deploy in stores until October 29, but you’ll be able to do some recon a full month earlier when the game’s open beta launches on October 1. Electronic Arts Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore confirmed the news in a post on the publisher’s website, noting that the beta will be available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC platforms.

Moore’s announcement causes some confusion for those expecting early access to the Battlefield 4 beta, as the release’s official FAQ clearly states that the so-called “Exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta” starts in “early October.” Seeing as it’s impossible to release anything earlier in October than the first day of the month, something’s clearly incorrect here. Either Moore’s date is incorrect or, more likely, those with early access – Battlefield 3 Premium subscribers and anyone who pre-ordered either the digital deluxe edition of Battlefield 4 or Medal of Honor: Warfighter – will be able to join the beta in late September.

Moore also notes the official launch dates for Battlefield 4 on next-gen consoles: November 12 for PlayStation 4 and November 19 for Xbox One. Yes, that’s several days before each of the console launches (November 15 and November 22, respectively). Games traditionally come out on Tuesdays (unless they’re first-party Nintendo releases, which arrive on Sundays), but both new consoles are launching on Fridays.

We’ve reached out to EA for clarification on the beta’s availability and how Moore’s announcement changes the situation for early access recipients.