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The best characters in Foamstars

What do you get if you mix a hero shooter with elements of Splatoon and an anime art style? Foamstars of course!

This latest shooter from Square Enix lets you fling foam across various maps to “chill” your opponents in various game modes. To keep things fresh, each of the initial eight characters all come with different weapons, abilities, and ultimate skills to help you clean up on the battlefield. While each character has their own strengths, there are some that seem to show up at the top of the leaderboards more often than not. Here are the best characters to pick in Foamstars.

Best Foamstar characters

A team in Foamstars.
Square Enix

The initial roster of eight characters fit into close-, medium-, and long-range archetypes.


Soa's character screen in Foamstars.
Square Enix

Your tutorial character is Soa for a reason. This is your Mario in the sense that she is the most all-around character. Her blasters are good at midrange, she’s got a small hitbox, and has easy-to-use skills. Bubble Step shoots a barrage of foam in your chosen direction, and Spikey Beat is like a sticky bomb you can use for massive damage or area denial. Finally, Gotta Crush is a great ultimate. You form a giant Spiky bubble around yourself and roll around into enemies to get them coated.

Penny Gwyn

Penny Gwyn aiming her gun in Foamstars.
Square Enix

Pennyn is a great choice if you tend to go for assault rifles in other shooters. She is a little slower on foot, but has better range and accuracy than most. Her abilities are nicely balanced, however, with Toboggan Bomb giving you an easy way to make a long path of foam and Penguin Squad to set up a turret to lay down some support. Emperor March creates a giant penguin that slides forward to slam into enemies, likely knocking them off the stage, while also leaving a trail of foam in its wake.

Rave Breaker

Rave's customization menu in Foamstars.
Square Enix

In terms of raw power, Rave Breaker might be the most deadly character. His range is short, but his foam blaster can coat an enemy faster than any other character if you get the drop on them. Thanks to Home in the Foam, you can hide beneath the foam until the time is right to spring that ambush. Decontamination is another tricky ability that lays a mine in the foam for any enemy that steps too close. As a clincher, The Party’s Over ultimate sucks in enemies and foam for quick and easy eliminations.


Agito standing by his board in Foamstars.
Square Enix

Our last pick is another close-range fighter who’s much different than Rave Breaker. Agito uses a foam shotgun to dispatch foes, so long as your aim is true. He’s much smaller than Rave, and even has one ability that is almost identical. Deep Blue Gank lets you sink into the foam just like Home in the Foam. Storm Shot 2EZ, on the other hand, is quite different. This move throws a giant shuriken across the stage. When it hits a wall, it lodges in before exploding into foam. When it’s time to end things, THX GG summons a giant shark that automatically swims across the arena to hunt down enemies.

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