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‘Overwatch’ Busan map Easter eggs, and where to find them

From karaoke to jiggly cows, Overwatch’s new Busan map is full of Easter eggs

With the new D.Va animated short that dropped came a new control map called Busan. Themed after a real city located in South Korea, which is also the home town of our favorite MEKA mech pilot, it’s presently only available on PC via the Overwatch Public Test Realm. It’s no surprise that players jumped at the chance to explore the new locale and as expected, Blizzard left behind a few easter eggs for us to find. Here’s our list of the best easter eggs we could find from the Busan map.

Dance Floor

The Busan map has an arcade in the spawn room on defense, and inside is an arcade machine called Dance Floor. It may appear to be there for looks, but if you stand on the dance pad, arrows will start to appear on the screen, lighting up if you move to them in rhythm. If you think that’s cool, it gets better. When you use a dance emote, you’ll see “Perfect!” pop up.

Karaoke Room

Blizzard knows they couldn’t leave the attacking players with nothing fun to do as they wait for a match to start, so the spawn area on the opposing side of the Downtown map includes a karaoke room. It seems inconspicuous at first, but this is another clever Overwatch easter egg. If you select Reinhardt and interact with the microphone, music will begin to play, and he’ll belt out quite a few lovely tunes. This is only available before a game starts, most likely to keep players from unintentionally throwing a match from having too much fun.

Cow Mascot

On the way to the capture point in the downtown portion of Busan, you’ll walk by a building with a giant inflatable cow. It’s reminiscent of the ramen spot in Hanamura with the Murloc mascot (a nod to World of Warcraft), which is why it immediately peaked my interest! Just like the Murloc on Hanamura, shooting the cow will prompt some silly sound effects. My favorite part, though, is how much it jiggles when you do it! #toomuchjelly

Suspiciously ‘Zelda’-like pots

The Sanctuary region of the Busan map is arguably the most scenic of all. Ornate shrines, stony paths, and decorative traditional drums all set to a colorful background of fall foliage. If you’re not too busy admiring the place, you may notice something a bit out of the ordinary — the massive amount of pots surrounding the shrines! We could be jumping to conclusions, but is this meant as a nod to the Legend of Zelda? It surely feels like it!

As we play more of this new Overwatch map, we’re sure that we’ll find more worth talking about, especially regarding the game’s lore. Since Busan is only presently available to players on PC, make sure to check back as we continue to add more of the best easter eggs we find in Busan to this list.

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