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The best gaming monitors for the Xbox One

Even with the Xbox Series X and PS5 out on the market, the last generation of consoles will still be relevant for a while. For one, next-gen consoles are still hard to find, especially for Sony fans. There are also many budget-conscious consumers who will hold onto their older Xboxes until there is more content available on the new platforms.

If you still have an Xbox One and are looking to maximize the gaming experience, you can do so simply by upgrading your monitor. The Xbox One S and Xbox One X both support 4K and HDR content (the Xbox One S supports 4K media whereas the X supports 4K media and games). Both can also support 60 frames per second. That means if you are playing on an older monitor, a simple upgrade could boost your gaming experience without the need for a new console. Gaming monitors can also improve your overall experience thanks to the reduced input lag and boosted refresh rate compared to televisions. That can make a big difference if you’re a fan of multiplayer games like Call of Duty: Warzone.

Here are some of the best gaming monitors you can pick up for your Xbox One to enhance your gaming experience.

The best gaming monitors for Xbox One at a glance:">The best gaming monitors for Xbox One at a glance:

Best overall: Asus ROG Strix XG438Q

Why you should buy this: The XG438Q is a large 4K display that supports FreeSync and HDR and sports a 120Hz refresh rate. It’s the perfect alternative to a traditional television.

Who this is for: Gamers who want a couch gaming experience.

Why we picked the Asus XG438Q:

If you usually play video games on a TV in your living room, you will feel right at home with the Asus ROG Strix XG438Q. It has a large 43-inch display, so it really feels like a standard television. However, it’s vastly superior to standard TVs thanks to its low input lag and FreeSync2 compatibility. That’s great for the new Xbox One products, which recently got support for FreeSync.

The XG438Q is also a great multimedia monitor, thanks in large part to its large size. It’s also a beauty to behold thanks to its HDR600 tech and 4K resolution.

It even comes with its own remote, so there’s really no reason to play your Xbox on a TV anymore.

Runner-up: LG 27GN950

Why you should buy this: HDR600, 144Hz refresh rate, and super-low 1ms response time.

Who this is for: Gamers who want the best 4K gaming monitor in a more traditional monitor size.

Why we picked the LG 27GN950: If you are looking for something that fits on your computer desk and not a TV alternative like our overall pick, the LG 27GN950 should be your first choice. Its 27-inch display will fit on most desks while still feeling large, and it also comes with all the features a great gaming monitor needs.

It has an ultra-fast 1ms response time and it supports FreeSync. The Nano IPS panel makes the colors pop, especially when it’s using HDR. The stand isn’t the highest quality, especially for this range, but that doesn’t take away from the great viewing experience. The virtually nonexistent borders also let the image utilize the entire display.

If you’re looking for the best gaming monitor that isn’t the size of a TV, this is the best you can get.

Best for multiplayer: Acer Predator X25

Why you should buy this The super-high refresh rate gives you a competitive edge in multiplayer games.

Who this is for: Hardcore Call of Duty or Overwatch players who want the best results.

Why we picked the Acer Predator X25:

If you are big into multiplayer games — particularly competitive shooters like Call of Duty or Apex Legends — your frame rate is far more important than the resolution of the game. That’s why a monitor like the Acer Predator X25 is a great option for multiplayer gamers who want the smoothest experience possible. Its 240Hz display is the main feature that makes it ideal for these types of players, and here’s why.

Most games are capped at 60 fps; however, that doesn’t mean a high refresh monitor won’t help you. A high refresh monitor in theory displays the most up-to-date information, and high refresh monitors also help prevent screen tearing, which is obviously very beneficial in multiplayer games.

Otherwise, it’s a 1080p display, which is the native resolution for most Xbox One games. It also supports HDR400, so users can still get a great image playing HDR games or watching HDR content.

Best for HDR:BenQ EX3501R

Why you should buy this: The perfect monitor for watching movies and TV shows.

Who this is for: People who use their Xbox One for gaming as well as multimedia.

Why we picked the BenQ EX3501R:

Both the PS4 and Xbox One ecosystems support multimedia services like Netflix and Hulu. But where these services feel like add-ons on the PS4, the Xbox One seems to be built around diverse media use. If your Xbox One is your primary entertainment device and not just a gaming console, you will want a monitor like the BenQ EX3501R that takes advantage of it.

This BenQ monitor has a 21:9 aspect ratio, which makes it ideal for watching modern movies. It’s an ultrawide 1440p display, so movies and TV shows look great, and they really pop on the EX3501R thanks to the HDR support. At 35 inches, it’s larger than most monitors but can still reasonably fit on most desks.

All of this has obvious gaming benefits, but it makes the Xbox One equally appealing for sitting back and binging some TV.

Best budget: ViewSonic Elite XG240R

Why you should buy this: A boosted frame rate and FreeSync make this an excellent option for gamers on a budget.

Who this is for: People who want a smoother gaming experience but don’t want to spend a lot.

Why we picked the ViewSonic Elite XG240R: If you’re holding off on upgrading to the Xbox Series X, you’re likely on a budget. That means investing several hundred dollars on a new monitor is also out of range. However, you can still give your gaming experience a good boost without shelling out tons of money, and that’s what makes theViewSonic Elite XG240R so appealing.

The big upgrades the XG240R offers over older monitors are the boosted frame rate and the frameless design. Boosted frame rate monitors used to be ungodly expensive, but now you can get one for under $200, especially if you’re just looking for a 1080p monitor. The XG240R has a 144Hz refresh rate, which is over double what used to be the standard a few years ago. Combine that with FreeSync, and you have a buttery-smooth experience that is sure to feel better than any older monitor.

The near borderless frame also looks great, and it gives your setup a more modern look and feel. For less than $200, it’s a worthwhile purchase for anyone who wants to upgrade their Xbox One experience without a ton of investment.

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