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‘Prey’ gets a release date: It’s gonna be May

Prey – Gameplay Trailer #2
No more delays, reboots, and cancellations. No more speculation. No more waiting. Bethesda and Arkane Studios’ Prey is nearing completion, and we won’t have to wait very long to play it. The game is out this May across both consoles and PC.

The release date announcement brings with it an all-new gameplay trailer, giving us plenty of nitty-gritty details on everything from protagonist Morgan Yu to the various guns Yu (you) will have at his (your) disposal throughout the game.

“Hello, Morgan tough day, right?” Yu asks himself as he sits aboard the Talos I research facility. “If I’m talking to myself, it must be.”

Morgan is, as Bethesda’s Gary Steinman pointed out in the announcement, the VP in charge of research at the TranStar Corporation. His latest studies have involved ways to acquire the powers seen in the Typhon aliens, who have now gained almost complete control of Talos I. The image of a red-eye Wu we’ve seen in the months leading up to release aren’t because he’s sleep-deprived, but rather because he acquires these powers by injecting them into his eye socket. Count us out.

In addition to powers, Yu also has a variety of weapons at his disposal, but they’re not conventional. The “GLOO Cannon” can kill enemies and create new paths for him to traverse, while a handheld device appears to make a tornado out of fire.

Elsewhere, we see several different Typhon aliens roaming and destroying the facility. One, the “Mimic,” is humanoid in appearance and can transform into various objects, with a shadowy form that resembles the “Dark Ones” of the Metro series, while others are more like spiders or crabs, skittering along the floor. Yu can learn to use the Mimic’s ability himself, transforming into “anything that’s roughly the mass of the player or smaller,” including an automatic turret.

“If just one of those creatures gets back to Earth, we’re lost,” Yu says. “I’m sorry. I wish there was another way. Nothing can survive.”

Prey is out on May 5 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-ordering it will net you the “Cosmonaut Shotgun” pack, containing customization items as well as the “Throne Margrave” shotgun.

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