Plastic Studios announces PlayStation-exclusive platformer 'Bound'

The current generation has seen a significant rise in both narrative-focused games and traditional platformers, but the two have stayed almost entirely separate during this time. It looks like that might change very soon, as Plastic Studios has announced Bound, a 3D platformer that promises to let you focus on the narrative, and its visual style blends the simplicity of contemporary indie platformers with a color scheme straight out of a Nicolas Winding Refn film.

Game director Michal Staniszewski describes Bound as “a 3D platformer designed for people with the desire to concentrate on the narrative side of games and experience a mature story.” Just what that story happens to be remains a mystery, but as you can see in the teaser video, it centers around a ballerina who seems unaffected by the crumbling world around her. Although the game doesn’t strive to be realistic, Plastic worked with both a dancer and choreographer to assure that the ballerina’s movements with “expressive and emotional.”

But the visuals aren’t my favorite part about the announcement trailer: that music sounds like the synth-heavy tune from Only God Forgives — a cryptic, terrible movie, but one with some serious jams. Plastic promises “a perfect blend of ballet and electroacoustic music” from composer Oleg Shpudeiko, and if it’s anything like the trailer, players will be in for a treat.

While Plastic is emphasizing Bound‘s narrative, the game will apparently not be limited to single-player. “One big puzzle” can only be solved collaboratively, which Staniszewski thinks will satisfy “hardcore gamers.”

Bound does not yet have a release date, but it’s being developed in conjunction with God of War studio Sony Santa Monica. It will only be available on PlayStation, though it’s not clear if the title will be making its way to PlayStation 3 in addition to the PlayStation 4.