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Call of Duty’s new ‘cloaking’ feature trolls cheaters

Activision has announced a new anti-cheat measure for Call of Duty: Vanguard that is certain to frustrate cheaters and give everyone else a hearty laugh.

The company announced in a blog post that a fresh feature called “cloaking” will serve as a hilarious method of exposing and punishing cheaters by rendering them unable to see other players in matches. Everyone else in the match can still see the cheater, though, allowing them an opportunity to dish out plenty of in-game punishment on the helpless scoundrel. Providing the community a chance to get payback against ne’er-do-wells is an interesting move and one that is certain to result in some great fun.

In addition to cloaking, Activision also shared that “any security enforcement that results in a ban to a player will be reflected in the leaderboard for each title.” In other words, anyone caught cheating will be removed and unable to place on the global leaderboards, solving the frustrations many players had with cheaters occupying top-ranking spots.

The post also pointed out that another 54,000 additional accounts have been banned for cheating — news that comes on the heels of another recent ban wave that found and removed over 90,000 accounts. Activision hopes this crackdown lets players know that it is taking things seriously, but the company has asked that players continue to make use of the game’s reporting system, calling the information “invaluable” in the ongoing battle against those who wish to ruin games for everyone else.

These anticheat measures are now available for Call of Duty: Vanguard, and Activision has stated that they will come to Warzone following “a period of examining how these updates are functioning.”

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