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Warzone Mobile: release date speculation, preregistration, and more

There’s no shortage of Call of Duty games to play, whether you’re a fan of the campaigns, co-op, competitive, or even battle royale. Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is the next major release, and despite it being slated for a 2023 release window, Activision has released it a little early in certain parts of the world. It’s not available in all regions just yet, so you’ll likely have to wait until next year to play Warzone on the go. In the meantime, you can preregister for Warzone Mobile to stay up-to-date on everything leading up to launch.

Here’s what you need to know about Warzone Mobile, including its release date, which regions it’s available in, and how to preregister.

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Warzone Mobile release date speculation

Characters fighting at Stadium in Warzone Mobile.

The worldwide release of Warzone Mobile isn’t set in stone just yet, as it’s still planned to launch in 2023. However, the game went live in Australia recently, and is available to download for free on Android devices. It’s not available on iOS or in any other regions just yet, but if you’re on Android, you can play the game right now — as long as you’re in Australia.

🇦🇺 Get ready to drop in, Australia!

We are thrilled to share that our first Limited Release is now available on the Google Play Store in Australia only with an iOS option coming soon.

🌐 Pre-reg on Google Play or Pre-Order on the App Store for free now:

— Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile (@WarzoneMobile) November 30, 2022

If you aren’t in Australia, you can use a VPN to still play the game if you’re in other regions, but you’re likely to run into server issues. YouTuber Ednox claims you can disable your VPN before actually launching into a match to improve stability, but we haven’t tested this. Still, it might be worth trying.

Activision will likely start rolling the game out in other regions and on iOS soon. The company has yet to confirm a release schedule, but given how Warzone Mobile seemingly went live in Australia randomly, it’s possible it’ll be available in other regions shortly.

Warzone Mobile preregistration

To preregister for Warzone Mobile, visit the game’s official site, and use the QR code on the page. This will take you to the store on your mobile device, with the option to preregister. When the game goes live, you’ll receive a notification to download it.

It’s recommended to preregister since you’ll be given access to free goodies for doing so. These include different in-game cosmetics, along with the Ghost Operator.

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