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Build your own Xbox One S laptop by following these step-by-step instructions

Ben Heck's Xbox One S Laptop
Nintendo’s Switch gaming console is the first to officially take its gaming on the road. For anyone who is into Microsoft’s Xbox platform or Sony’s PlayStation 4, however, it’s not necessarily an attractive alternative.

That is why some industrious engineers have worked to create portable versions of otherwise stationary consoles like the Xbox One. Some are even offered for sale at extravagant prices. Recently, however, illustrious console modder Ben Heck provided some details on how to make your own Xbox One S “laptop” as Episode 217 of Element14’s video series.

The result isn’t a fully mobile Xbox One S, in the sense that it still needs to plug in to get its power, but it’s definitely a highly portable version of Microsoft’s latest console. Heck essentially took apart an Xbox One S, which is already smaller in stature compared to its predecessor the Xbox One, and used a variety of fabrication methods to create an Xbox One S laptop that can be easily carried from one location to another.

Some of the tools used to create the various case and other components are a 3D printer and a CNC machine. Heck provides a fairly complete overview of how he started drawing up the design ideas in Microsoft OneNote and Adobe Illustrator, using parts from a previous Xbox One S teardown. He needed to make some significant changes in his design, such as incorporating a larger power supply to accommodate the Full HD display.

While the entire process isn’t for the faint of heart — nor the technically challenged — it’s a great look into how modders can create one-off creations from commonly available parts. The portable Xbox One S isn’t for sale, but it would make for a great project for anyone with some engineering chops and a really strong desire to carry the console from location to another.

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A black Xbox Series S with a 1TB SSD launches in September
A Carbon Black version of the Xbox Series S - 1 TB.

At the end of the Xbox Games Showcase portion of Microsoft's Xbox Game Showcase and Starfield Direct double feature today, head of Xbox Phil Spencer revealed brand new Xbox hardware. A black version of the Xbox Series S that has 1 TB of SSD storage was revealed.
Xbox Series S Carbon Black 1TB SSD - World Premier Announce Trailer
The Carbon Black design of this system brings the smaller, digital-only console more in line with the color scheme of the Xbox Series X. For the most part, this new console will feature all of the same specs of the white Xbox Series S, with the expectation of storage space. Instead of only having 512 GB of storage, the Carbon Black Xbox Series S console will have a 1 TB SSD like the Xbox Series X. Considering that a lack of storage space is one of the biggest issues with Xbox Series S, this is a very nice alternative to have. 
Because it has more storage space, it will be slightly more expensive than the standard Xbox Series S. Instead of $300, the Xbox Series S - 1TB in Carbon Black will retail for $350. That means people interested in picking up an Xbox now have three different pricing tiers and versions of the console to consider. It's already available for preorder from Microsoft, and you'll only have to wait a couple of months to pick it up. 

Xbox Series S - 1 TB will be released on September 1 of this year. That means it will be released less than a week before the launch of Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios' highly anticipated Xbox-exclusive sci-fi RPG. Xbox finally seems to have a solid lineup of exclusives coming afterward, too, as Forza Motorsport finally comes out on October 10 and Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 and Avowed launch next year. 

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All Xbox One games with mouse and keyboard support
The protagonist of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla shouting in battle and wielding two axes.

While the last-gen Xbox One isn't as powerful as the Xbox Series X, it's still a worthwhile console and has a huge library of great games.

If you're looking to stay competitive while playing online multiplayer games versus next-gen console and PC players or are just looking to avoid some wonky console interface that's difficult to navigate, you may want to try using a keyboard and mouse with your Xbox One. A keyboard and mouse will give you better precision than your standard Xbox One controller so you can keep up in cross-platform games without shelling out money for a top gaming PC.

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Valheim finally comes to Xbox next month with full crossplay
Valheim player standing in a field.

Iron Gate Studio and Coffee Stain Publishing confirmed that the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One versions of Valheim will finally launch on March 14. The early access Xbox Game Preview title will be included as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription when it releases on consoles, as it is already available via the PC version of the service.

The announcement came as part of IGN's 2023 Fan Fest event. In addition to a release date announcement, we also saw a gameplay trailer showing it running on Xbox Series X, which seemed on par with how the game runs on higher-end PCs. We also learned that Valheim will support full crossplay between PC and Xbox consoles when it finally launches. This release marks the first time Valheim will be available on console since the fantasy survival game rose to popularity in early 2021. For the time being, this also means that Valheim is an Xbox console exclusive.

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