Craft magical maces and brew up bee bombs in Dragon Age: Inquisition

The latest feature video for Dragon Age: Inquisition focuses on crafting and customization in BioWare’s upcoming RPG. The recent livestream highlighted character customization in designing your Inquisitor, so this video looks at the objects you will be able to craft over the course of the game.

Collecting herbs and other ingredients from around the countryside will allow you to brew potions with Alchemy, ranging from standard fare like healing tonics to jars full of bees that you lob like grenades. Your keep will house a blacksmith to whom you can bring rare designs and crafting materials for producing a wide range of equipment for you and your followers that can rival in power some of the legendary artifact’s that you will collect along your journey.

Dragon Age: Inquisition hits PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles on November 18, 2014.