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Crash Bandicoot goes mobile in leaked endless runner by Candy Crush developer

Crash Bandicoot, a series from the original PlayStation that was recently revived for the current generation, is reportedly making its way to mobile.

The new Crash Bandicoot game is an endless runner similar to the infamous Temple Run, with players navigating Crash as he keeps running forward until the end of the level or until an obstacle stops everyone’s favorite marsupial.

The game was first leaked by Twitter user JumpButton, who uploaded images that were claimed to be pulled from Facebook ads.

investigation by myself and @Motwera

This game can be signed up for NOW it seems.

The way the link was found was by searching the name on FB after previously being a fan of the FB page tied to the Brazilian ads.

— JumpButton (@jumpbuttoncb) February 7, 2020

The four images include what looks like the game’s icon, confirmation that the images are from a mobile game, a screenshot of the gameplay, and a mode that tasks players with building a base.

The game’s icon also shows that King is the studio behind the project. Activision Blizzard, which owns the Crash Bandicoot franchise, is the parent company of King, the developer of the massively popular Candy Crush series on mobile.

In addition to the leaked images, Kotaku discovered a full description of the Crash Bandicoot mobile game. The gameplay, like most titles in the endless runner genre, allows players to do various actions as they go through the levels to collect stuff. The game also offers secret passages, new tracks that may be acquired from smashing certain crates, and the aforementioned base-building mode where players can create weapons and grow crops, among other things.

Crash Bandicoot fans were hoping for a new game in the series to follow the success of Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, which brought the first three games of the franchise from the original PlayStation into current-generation consoles. A mobile game was unexpected, but it does not mean that a new installment in the main series is not on its way. In fact, it will fit nicely into a strategy of building up hype for Crash Bandicoot through a mobile game, in advance of an announcement of a new game in the near future, according to Kotaku.

Activision Blizzard recently said that it will launch more “remastered and reimagined” games this year, but the leaked mobile game hints that the studio will not abandon making new titles, at least for Crash Bandicoot.

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