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Crusader Kings 3 is coming to consoles in a first for the franchise

Crusader Kings 3 is officially moving off of PC and onto consoles. During the Xbox Gamescom Showcase, it was revealed that the grand strategy title, in which players can marry their cousin and be the king of a nation at the young age of six, is coming to both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. However, the game will also be coming to PlayStation 5, according to a report from Gematsu.

gamescom 2021 - Official Xbox Stream

Crusader Kings 3 first launched in 2020 for PC, but the version of the game that will be playable on consoles isn’t a pure port. Instead, anyone that plays the game on their console will be playing an adapted version. In plain English, that means parts of the game’s user interface have been changed to better suit a typical controller layout instead of a mouse and keyboard.

Crusader Kings 3‘s move to PlayStation and Xbox marks the first time in the franchise’s history that a game will be playable on consoles. On Xbox Series X/S, the game will also benefit from next-gen hardware, with faster loading times thanks to the internal SSD.

Since its launch, developer Paradox has provided multiple updates for Crusader Kings 3, along with a major expansion. While most updates to the game have included simple bug fixes and optimizations, one update changed the game for players, letting them create their own ruler complete with defects and proficiencies. The game’s first and only expansion at the moment, Northern Lords, introduces a suite of features so players can comfortably roleplay as a vicious Viking king.

Crusader Kings 3 doesn’t have a release date on any consoles at the moment. However, when it does launch for Xbox consoles, it will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.

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