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How to free Brick in Cyberpunk 2077

There are a few key moments where your actions in Cyberpunk 2077 ripple throughout the game world and one of those moments shows up early. In first-act mission The Pickup, V and Jackie will meet the new Maelstrom gang leader, Royce. Royce will clue you in that Brick, the former gang leader who made a deal with Dexter DeShawn, is dead. He isn’t, however. Brick is actually locked up in the All Foods plant where this meeting takes place, and in this guide, we’re going to show you how to free Brick.

Half of the battle is actually finding Brick in The Pickup, but once you do, freeing him is straightforward. You don’t have to free Brick, but the optional objective will help you later on with the Second Conflict side quest.

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How to find Brick in The Pickup

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You’ll find Brick during the main mission, The Pickup, but only if you go out of your way. The optional “free Brick” objective only comes up if you get close enough to an area where Brick is being held, so you’ll need to pay attention.

Progress in The Pickup until you’re at the All Foods building and sit through your meeting with Royce. Once things go south, you’ll have a level-spanning fight, and Brick’s cage is hidden amidst the chaos.

After you deal with the enemies in your meeting area, you’ll follow Jackie through a maintenance tunnel into a larger room. Deal with the few enemies here and press forward. The next room is smaller, with two raised rooms on the left side. Again, handle the enemies in this room and disable the cameras. That will give you some breathing room so that enemies from the next room don’t flood in as you’re trying to free Brick.

You can also just stealth your way through these rooms, but be mindful of what quick hacks you’re using. You’ll need some spare RAM later.

Between the two raised rooms is Brick’s cell. Walk by it, and you’ll hear Brick on the other side as well as get the optional objective to free Brick. Thankfully, finding Brick is the most difficult part of this objective.

Cyberpunk 2077 Brick: Room code or hacking

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Once you’ve found Brick, there are two ways to free him. The first is to simply scan the keypad outside the locked door and disable it for a few RAM. Even this early in the game, you will be able to disable the keypad with your hacking skills.

Alternatively, you can track down the Brick room code. In the elevated room to the right of Brick, you’ll find a closed laptop and a detonator. Ignore the detonator for now (we’ll get back to it shortly) and open the laptop. Select Messages and find the bottom one labeled, “Only you guys know.” Inside, you’ll find the code. The Brick room code is 9691.

Open the door however you wish, but don’t go running in the room just yet. Brick will point out the large laser pointed at the center of his chest. If he moves, he’ll die. If you’d rather kill Brick, head back to the room on the right, and interact with the detonator. We won’t judge. This is a role-playing game, after all.

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Still, there’s more of an incentive to free Brick from his captivity, and it’s easy. Scan the laser and deactivate it, and you’re set. You can also deactivate the detonator in the raised room if you want. Brick will express his thanks, and you can respond that he owes you. Make sure you do so, as it will change a side quest that you can complete later.

The Second Conflict side quest

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After you find Brick, you can either kill or free him, and both have rewards. If you scan Brick, you’ll see the NCPD has a bounty on him for 5,000 eddies. Although that’s not much later on, 5,000 eddies goes a long way in the first act.

If you free Brick, he’ll join you in the Second Conflict side quest later on. Similarly, Royce and Dum Dum will show up if you don’t kill them during The Pickup. Especially if you choose to let Royce and Dum Dum live, having Brick with you for the Second Conflict is essential. He’s better at dealing with Maelstrom members, and you’ll have more dialogue options.

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