Dead Island ‘Bloodbath Arena’ DLC is set for release next week, on November 22


Techland delivered one of the more impressive sleeper hits of this holiday season in Dead Island. The open-world zombie-mashing RPG adventure plays a lot like you might imagine a bastard child of Borderlands and Dead Rising would: big world, great co-op, deep RPG character and weapon customization, first-person perspective. DLC was promised, but failed to materialize when the dev team shifted its post-launch priorities to squashing some of the game’s lingering bugs. Now that DLC is finally, officially upon us.

The first DLC release for Dead Island is Bloodbath Arena, and it’s coming on November 22. Yes, next week. It’s a survival mode for up to four players, with four different maps to choose from. There will be leaderboards of course, and all experience earned in a Bloodbath mode outing will carry over to your campaign save, which is a nice bonus.

Bloodbath Arena hits Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and PC digital delivery storefronts next Tuesday. It’s a free download for anyone who pre-ordered the special edition version of the game from GameStop. Anyone else will have to cough up some money, to the tune of $9.99 (or 800 MS Points).