Dead Space 3 shows off a new side of Isaac Clarke

dead space 3 shows off a new side of isaac clarke ds2If you wish to remain entirely spoiler free about Dead Space 3, then avert your gaze now. These aren’t exactly major spoilers, mainly because they will eventually be a key part of the game’s makeup (and therefore its advertising campaign), but if you wish to remain pure as the virgin snow, look away.

The website Siliconera continues to churn out Dead Space news, despite the fact that the game hasn’t even been officially announced yet. Last week they were the source for the possible setting of Dead Space 3–a frozen world where the necromorphs blend in with the whiteout conditions. This week, they give us details on the plot, and a significant addition to the game’s protagonist, Isaac Clarke.

According to the report, the story will begin aboard a command center, where Isaac is brought before the captain and given a choice. He can either return to Earth-controlled space and face a warrant for his arrest, or head to the frozen planet, named Tau Volantis, and rescue a woman then bring her back to Mars. Isaac accepts the rescue mission, and he and Ellie head for the frozen planet.

Once on Tau Volantis, it is apparent that Isaac hasn’t come away from his previous encounters unscathed. The mental effects have taken their toll, and he now suffers from a distinct split personality that takes the shape of a “Shadow Isaac.” The shadowy version of Isaac will appear on screen, taunting and mocking the real Isaac throughout the game, as he descends into madness and gets closer and closer to another marker hidden away on Tau Volantis.

No word on when Dead Space 3 may be released.