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Players have already found a secret area in the ‘Destiny 2’ beta

Yesterday, July 18, the Destiny 2 beta got underway for players on PlayStation 4 — and already, participants are finding ways to access areas that should be out of reach. The test period offers up access to one campaign mission, one Strike, and two multiplayer maps, but we now know that it’s possible to visit what’s thought to be a Lost Sector.

Lost Sectors are a new type of activity that players can access while on Patrols, which diverge from most of the content from the original Destiny in that they’re meant to be played through once, rather than many times. Bungie has previously described them as end-game content, so it’s safe to say that this area isn’t meant to be accessible as part of the beta.

Players have managed to gain entry to the Lost Sector during the Inverted Spire Strike, which takes place on the planet of Nessus, a new addition for Destiny 2. Reaching the area requires some precise jumping through an unassuming gap in a wall slightly off the beaten track.

It’s clear that the area isn’t quite complete in the form that appears in the beta, or at least that accessing it in this way causes some problems with the way the game loads the environment. Geometry appears and disappears, and there are none of the enemies and none of the other set dressing you might expect to be present, according to a report from Eurogamer.

This kind of environmental exploration is nothing new to the Destiny community. During the beta test for the first game back in 2014, players were eager to see just how much of the game world they could access — and the fact that each planet is made up of one contiguous area offers up all kinds of opportunities for unintentional shortcuts.

Players will surely be looking out for other ways to stretch the limits of the areas Bungie has made available as part of the beta test, and as more and more Guardians are given access to the game, we’re likely to see plenty more discoveries.

Anyone that pre-ordered Destiny 2 for the Xbox One can join the beta today, while open access begins on July 21, and a separate PC beta is scheduled for August. The full game is set to launch for consoles on September 6, with its PC release scheduled for October 24.

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