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Latest ‘Destiny 2: Forsaken’ trailer shows off a double-barreled rocket launcher

Destiny 2: Forsaken – New Weapons and Gear

In most video games, a rocket launcher is the ultimate tool of destruction, with a single rocket capable of taking out most enemies with ease. Destiny 2 isn’t most video games, however, and in the latest trailer for the Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion, we see that two rockets are definitely better than one.

The weapon in question is called the “Two-Tailed Fox,” and it features two barrels that enables it to simultaneously launch two rockets at an enemy. For large boss encounters in the single-player and cooperative modes, this should make it an extremely effective weapon. In competitive multiplayer, it will likely send other players running in fear — the rockets don’t have to go to the same destination, with the trailer showing two enemies killed in completely different locations.

As a counter for weapons like this, the new “Antaeus Wards” armor reflects projectiles when its user slides on the ground. This can send a rocket right back where it came from, so you best know your enemy’s loadout before unloading on them.

Destiny 2: Forsaken also introduces bows as a new weapon type, but these aren’t your standard crude medieval bows. The “Trinity Ghoul” creates an electrical storm after getting a precision kill, while the “Wish-Ender” allows you to see through walls and can pierce multiple targets. Other weapon types also get some love in the expansion, including the beam rifle “One Thousand Voices,” which sprays an explosive beam of fire onto the ground.

Unlike the smaller expansions Curse of Osiris and Warmind, Destiny 2: Forsaken will be a large-scale expansion with a full story. With longtime ally Cayde-6 dead, you must round up the eight Barons who have escaped from the Prison of Elders in The Reef. The expansion comes with two new locations, a raid, the competitive player-versus-environment mode called “Gambit,” new abilities, and new adventures. To update the game on a more consistent basis with new content, the expansion will get an “annual pass,” which grants players access to three premium content releases set to launch in winter 2018, spring 2019, and summer 2019.

Destiny 2: Forsaken will launch on September 4 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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