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Bungie pays tribute to 'Overwatch' with 'Destiny 2' Easter egg

Destiny 2 Easter Egg: Saladin "Die Die Die" We Ran Out of Medals
Bungie’s original Destiny underwent several revisions before it eventually released in 2014 as the “shared-world shooter” we have today. One of those more closely resembled Blizzard’s smash-hit Overwatch, and in Destiny 2, it appears Bungie has paid tribute to the game.

During the Iron Banner multiplayer event, which kicked off on Tuesday, October 10, a Destiny 2 player managed to kill 20 enemy players in a row without dying. It’s not an easy feat, and he was rewarded with a message from the character Saladin: “Die, die, die!”

Saladin then regains his composure and apologizes for his outburst — for those unaware, the line was made famous in Overwatch by the close-range demon character Reaper. Both Reaper and Saladin are voiced by Keith Ferguson, a prolific actor whose resume also includes Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and, unfortunately, The Emoji Movie.

In Overwatch, Reaper shouts the line as he unleashes his “Death Blossom” attack, which has him spinning around in the air as he fires his weapon in all directions. It’s one of the most powerful ultimate abilities in the gain for those who can get it to land, but Reaper’s voice line is often interrupted by a well-placed shot to his head.

The Iron Banner returned to Destiny 2 this week, but it was a staple of the original game’s competitive Crucible. In the first Destiny, players’ power was determined by their level and the gear they were wearing, but Bungie has eliminated this feature in the sequel. Instead, your success is down to your skills with the sticks and competent teammates. We suggest bringing in a few friends if you want to win your matches, as competing will award you special Iron Banner engrams as well as milestone achievements.

Iron Banner also introduced a new map called “Distant Shore,” which is currently only playable in that mode. Once Iron Banner ends on October 18, the map will be playable in both quick and competitive playlists. Another multiplayer map, taking place in the Leviathan, was also unlocked after the raid was completed for the first time.

Destiny 2 is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC release to follow on October 24. Overwatch is available for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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