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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Deathbringer exotic quest guide

Destroy enemies in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep with the exotic Deathbringer

While Destiny 2: Shadowkeep doesn’t bring a ton of new exotic weapons, the latest expansion does include a notable one: Deathbringer. This new exotic rocket launcher can be obtained after you complete Shadowkeep’s campaign after a very long (and fun) quest line. This quest contains a ton of steps, so here’s everything you need to know to get Deathbringer.

Step 1: Complete The Lunar Spelunker Bounty

Once you’ve finished the Shadowkeep campaign, head over to Eris Morn on the Moon and pick up the “Lunar Spelunker” bounty. To complete this, you’ll need to visit and loot 3 of the Moon’s lost sectors. Ignore the lost sector in Sorrow’s Harbor, as that will come into play in a later step. Instead, look for the other 3 lost sector locations on your map.

  • K1 Logistics: From Sanctuary, go west and cut straight through Archer’s Line until you reach the building at the other side at the location’s northern edge. Look for a side entrance in the building with some spooky ghosts inside. Follow the path to reach the lost sector.
  • K1 Communication: Head to Anchor of Light and look for the big building around the lost sector icon on your map. One of its entrances will lead to an underground stairwell, which will take you to the lost sector.
  • K1 Crew Quarters: On the southern edge of the Hellmouth, you’ll see a cluster of buildings around where the lost sector icon is. Look for the one marked with a red symbol and head inside to find an underground passageway.

Once you complete the bounty, you’ll receive a Firewall Data Fragment. To use this, you’ll need to go to the lost sector in Sorrow’s Harbor. You don’t have to loot the sector on this trip (you will have to later, so don’t bother doing it on this step). Instead, travel all the way to the end of the lost sector. Go behind the boss and turn to your right. You’ll see a round opening on the wall. Head in there and open the set of doors inside. Then, interact with the core to get the next step.

Step 2: Kill Nightmares With Arc Abilities

Next, you’ll need to kill nightmares with arc abilities to collect 20 necklace fragments. To do this, throw on your arc subclass and head to Sorrow’s Harbor. Your best bet is to kill the nightmares that spawn around there with your super and grenades. The nightmares here generally drop 2-3 necklace fragments, so you can knock this out pretty quickly here. Nightmare Hunts are also an option here.

Once you have all 20 fragments, head back to Sanctuary and go through the portal. You’ll find a tormented Eris at the end of the path. Watch the little exchange and then open the chest next to her. This technically kicks off the exotic quest line proper.

Step 3: Find The Bones

To start, you’ll need to find 3 bones, each of which is obtained in a very different way.

  • Head back to the lost sector in Sorrow’s Harbor and complete it this time to receive one bone.
  • Complete a public event in the Hellmouth area to get another.
  • You’ll need to find and kill the “Bone Collector” to get the last one. He “wanders,” but I found him in Anchor of Light just to the left after I exited the Sanctuary path.

Step 4: Kill The High Collector

To complete this, load into the Scarlet Tower strike. The High Collector can be found near the end of the strike during the elevator sequence. Eventually, you’ll rise into a room with multiple wizards that must be killed to continue on. As long as you do damage to the High Collector, you’ll get credit for the kill when she dies, but you may want to run this with some friends to avoid teammates burning her down before you can hit a shot.

Step 5: Kill Enemies

Next, you’ll need to simply kill a lot of enemies. You need to kill different amounts of red bar, yellow bar, and bosses to complete this. Sorrow’s Harbor can be helpful, but the best advice here is just to play the game. You’ll just naturally get this over time if you’re running PVE activities. Plus, you’ll need to grind your power level up for the next step, so use this opportunity to grind out your weekly challenges or some bounties.

Step 6: Deathsinger Choir of The Damned Mission

For the final step, you’ll need to complete a 920 power level recommended mission located in the Hellmouth. Head to the Circle of Bones to activate it and get ready for a fight. Here, you’ll need to kill Deathsingers before they finish their song, which lasts 1 minute.

Fortunately, you can reset that timer simply by breaking their shields, so just keep an eye on the time during this and take out the ads when you get a second. You’ll fight one final Deathsinger boss at the end, which has the same mechanics.

Once you’ve completed the mission, head back to Eris Morn and you’ll be rewarded with Deathbringer for your troubles!

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