Destiny beta now open to all, no code required

Destiny the Game screenshot 6

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You can now jump into Bungie’s Destiny beta if you own a PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One, no download code required. We’ve still got several days before the popular and highly publicized beta test concludes on July 27, and this final stretch should give the studio a better sense of what to expect on the September 9 launch.

Bungie clearly feels confident enough in what it’s built to let the full weight of the console gaming Internet descend on this tiny chunk of Destiny‘s grand space adventure. With the exception of not-surprising bottlenecks around the initial beta download, the experience has been surprisingly smooth. Exploration and social spaces are filled with fellow players, and forming Fireteams with friends is a simple process.

To download the beta, simply fire up your console and head to its online store. You can also read Bungie’s announcement right here if you’re curious.