Destiny endgame features 6-player raids, daily and weekly challenges

Destiny the Game screenshot 4

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Destiny‘s recently concluded beta test only offered up a tiny slice of what’s to come, capping players off at an early level in the game’s progression. But a new video interview with Bungie design lead Luke Smith from IGN offers a peek at what the high-level phase of the game looks like.

In a typical MMORPG, the term “raid” refers to a high-level quest that’s designed to be tackled by a large number of powerful players working together, usually to bring down a boss monster. It appears to be similar in Destiny, with raids that support up to six players (doubling the standard three-player Fireteams). It seems that, in addition to tougher monsters and bosses, the endgame quests also feature platforming challenges. You’ll see it if you watch closely in the video.

In addition to raids, Destiny also features something called “Nightfall” missions. These amount to daily and weekly challenges connected to known missions, but with the difficulty ratcheted up significantly. By taking on Nightfall challenges, players earn a special currency that can be spent at the Tower on high-level weapons.

In addition to all of these details, the video features looks at Destiny content that didn’t factor into the beta at all. Take a peek to see new monsters, environments, weapons, and more.