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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to catch a Fugu fish

Whether you’re trying to finish quests or simply want to fill out your recipe collection, Disney Dreamlight Valley has plenty of meals to be cooked, and many of them require the use of fish. A lot of fish species are interchangeable, so they can be used to make simple fish-based meals without worrying too much about their type. However, some meals require rare fish that are tough to round up – as is the case with the elusive Fugu fish.

Among the rarest fish in the game, the Fugu fish requires you to visit a specific area during specific weather conditions, and even then, it can be a time-consuming affair. Don’t worry, though, as we’ll tell you where and how to catch one so you can make some tasty meals with it.

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How to catch a Fugu fish

Disney Dreamlight Valley's Dazzle Beach
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Fugu fish are found in the Dazzle Beach biome, but they spend their time way out, away from reach on most days, meaning you won’t be able to catch one by just casually fishing. Instead, they only show up during rainstorms, so you’ll need to be proactive when it begins raining in your valley.

During a rainstorm, head to Dazzle Beach and begin looking for golden fish pools. If you don’t see any, just fish in the other pools until one spawns. There’s a catch, though – you’re still not guaranteed to catch a Fugu fish from these golden pools and may catch a swordfish sometimes instead. This means that you’ll need to keep at it until you get lucky and eventually snag what you came for.

Additionally, considering there are multiple dishes that require you to use Fugu fish, make sure you bring along one of your villagers who specialize in fishing so that they can provide you with an extra Fugu fish each time you catch one. This should cut down on your grind quite a bit!

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