E3 2012: Dead Space 3 to have co-op multiplayer

dead space 3 screenshotDuring Electronic Art’s E3 2012 press conference, the gaming giant teased Dead Space 3 co-op with a Visceral Games rep on stage presenting a live demo. In the demo, stalwart hero Isaac and a new character named Carver fight to turn on a huge drill while battling a horde of monsters.

The demo featured some standard cooperative, cover-based action, which isn’t strictly a Dead Space staple. Isaac and Carver fight a giant monster on the edge of a cliff, until the monster breaks it sending both players into darkness. 

According to EA and Visceral, the third in the Dead Space series will feature drop-in and drop-out co-op, and more multiplayer options. Dead Space 3 will also be the first non-space entry in the series, with the game taking place on a snow planet that has spider-looking monsters. We’ve seen a ton of comparisons to Lost Planet.