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Elgato’s newest capture card is made for next-gen consoles

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S have made console games look better than ever before, and now, streaming technology is catching up. Elgato’s latest capture device, the HD60 X, is meant to be the perfect fit for anyone looking to put the full power of their consoles on display for viewers.

Introducing HD60 X.

The new standard for next-gen game capture has arrived.

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— Elgato (@elgato) April 5, 2022

Elgato’s HD60 X, which retails for $200, has seemingly been built with consoles in mind. It can capture the full range of quality modes players will find in modern games, from 4K at 30 fps all the way to 1080p at 60 fps. The device can even capture HDR gameplay, although only at a maximum of 1080p, 60 fps. Its passthrough options are better all around, allowing up to 4K at 60 fps, 1440p at 120 fps, and 1080p at a whopping 240fps, all with HDR compatibility as well.

Thanks to its HDMI ports being located on its rear, the HD60 X can also be used without creating a mess of cables. Speaking from experience I have an HD60 S, which has its HDMI ports on opposite sides, making for a mess of cables right behind my monitors.

The real game-changer included in Elgato’s HD60 X is its compatibility with Variable Refresh Rate, or VRR, technology. While it isn’t clear how VRR passthrough works on the device — if it requires users to enable an option or if it only works at certain resolutions and framerates, for example — it should let streamers show off games without screen tearing on their side.

Naturally, the HD60 X also works in tandem with Elgato’s other streaming tools. It can work with an Elgato Stream Deck right out of the box and is compatible with the company’s 4K Capture Utility software.

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