Every Bullet Counts in Grand Theft Auto Online’s new multiplayer mode

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A new Adversary Mode in Rockstar’s open-world action game Grand Theft Auto V drastically overhauls series-standard combat mechanics, giving players limited ammunition during high-stakes, close-quarters competitive matches.

Grand Theft Auto Online‘s four-player “Every Bullet Counts” mode gives each competitor one Marksman Pistol and two bullets, forcing players to carefully consider how they spend their ammunition during every match.

Grand Theft Auto V‘s Marksman Pistol boasts extremely high damage output, and is capable of killing opponents with a single bullet. Matches in Every Bullet Counts mode can therefore end very quickly as players scramble to find their targets while dodging enemy fire.

Every Bullet Counts puts a new spin on GTAV‘s Last Man Standing rules, and players have only one life to kill their opponents. Once players run out of ammo, they must resort to melee combat using an equipped hatchet or machete.

During Every Bullet Counts matches, players must remain in motion constantly, or they will be harshly penalized. Competitors who remain in one spot for more than five seconds will have their locations revealed to their opponents via radar, making them an easy target for the rest of the match.

Every Bullet Counts also introduces a handful of new gameplay environments never previously seen in Grand Theft Auto Online, including Michael’s Rockford Hills mansion and the Tequi-la-la nightclub. These new levels are small in size, and group the players closely together in order to end matches quickly.

Players interested in checking out the new mode can jump in immediately via a Featured Playlist accessible after launching Grand Theft Auto V. Every Bullet Counts mode is exclusively available in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions of GTAV, and requires access to the game’s Grand Theft Auto Online component.