Face the consequences of your decisions in Dragon Age: Inquisition

face consequences decisions dragon age inquisition choices

The latest and final gameplay feature for the massive, upcoming role-playing game Dragon Age: Inquisition focuses on the importance of your choices and their consequences within the story. As has been developer BioWare’s signature since way back with Baldur’s Gate, the choices you make throughout the game, big and small, have cascading consequences throughout the world, making each play truly your own.

The decisions start right at character creation. Your gender affects the romance options that present themselves to you. Your race also has a substantial impact on how the deeply-prejudiced people of Thedas respond to your inquisitor. The companions you acquire along the way react to the decisions you make, altering their opinion of you. Earn their trust and you’re able to go on special quests relating to their backstories. Anger them sufficiently, and they might just pack up and leave you forever.

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Inquisition also gives you greater flexibility than any previous Dragon Age in what missions you choose to take on, and when. Your advisors present you with various options of what to pursue at any given moment. The quests you choose to accept and the order in which you undertake them alters the flow of the game and changes the shape of Thedas, according to BioWare.

Your choices from the previous two games in the series also carry over into Inquisition, thanks to the Dragon Age Keep web app. Regardless of the platform on which you played the first games (or whether you even played them at all), you can go through and configure all of the branching decisions that you made to make sure Thedas is just as you left it at the top of the new game.