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Fall Guys is going free to play ahead of Switch, Xbox launch

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, 2020’s free-for-all battle royale party hit, is going free-to-play two years after its original release. The bean-filled game is also brawling its way to even more platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and the Epic Games Store.

Fall Guys Free for All Announcement Stream

Fall Guys originally released in 2020 on the PlayStation 4 through PS Plus and PC via Steam for $20. With the game making its way to other platforms, crossplay is finally being implemented, allowing beans to play together regardless of console.

Not only is the game going free-to-play, but an all-new season is on the way titled “Free For All.” The new chapter of the knockout game brings fresh rewards, events, progression systems, levels, and challenges. Like FortniteFall Guys is also introducing a new in-game currency called “Show-Bucks,” which can be used to purchase the season pass. While a new currency is being introduced, Kudos and the existing free progression pass will remain implemented.

Mediatonic is also giving something to those players who previously purchased Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout before its new free-to-play transition. Anyone that’s paid for the full game will receive a free Legacy Pack bundle featuring the three costumes Veggie Dog, Regal, and Feisty Dwarf. Early adopters also get the free premium season pass for the new Free For All season, complete with 100 Tiers.

Fall Guys‘ new free-to-play update and console ports to Xbox, Switch, and Epic Games Store will drop on June 21. Players can also get in on the new FTP fun by preregistering on the Fall Guys website, which gives access to exclusive perks.

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