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After chaotic launch, Fall Guys will patch game to address issues

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout released yesterday with quite the eventful launch amid server overloads and review bombs both good and bad.

“When we say Fall Guys is experiencing a lot of traffic… We had over 1.5 million new players in the first 24 hours! We’re working on our first patch for the game, listening to ALL of your feedback and ideas, and are super grateful to everyone who’s supported so far!” the game’s official Twitter account said.

The game involves little round black-eyed bean characters competing in a bunch of challenges to be the last one standing. While most battle royale games involve shooting, like Activision’s Call of Duty Warzone, or shooting and building things, like Epic Games’ Fortnite, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is much simpler and mostly involves jumping, running, and grabbing things.

Mediatonic, the game’s developer, said the patch is on the way to address bugs and the connection issues, as well as to add other new stuff. Another of its tweets highlighted what’s to come.

“You’re probably all wondering… What’s next for Fall Guys? Well, we’re going to be releasing new levels, new costumes, and new features. I would like to quote a greater being than myself: ‘You fool, this isn’t even my final form’ – Frieza, Dragonball Z.”

The tweet regarding the update also included a teaser for new levels, a cactus costume, and new unnamed features. The game still has to address some bugs that affect gameplay in significant ways.

Those problems include a pineapple costume that doesn’t properly identify what team you’re on, according to a Reddit thread. Other issues include repeated removal from matches, uncredited match wins, lagging, controller issues, and hackers. The team said it’s aware of these issues and is working to address them.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been a surprise hit and was very popular on Twitch over two betas. The developers have been scrambling to keep up with demand but also super responsive to the community on their social channels.

The game is currently available for free for PlayStation Plus members during the month of August. It also retails for $20 on PC and PS4.

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