Say what? Fallout 4 mod replaces dialogue wheel with full-text lists

fallout 4 dialogue mod

Although Fallout 4 has enjoyed a largely glowing reception since its release, longtime series fans are not without gripes. One of the most frequent complaints has been about the simplification of the dialog system. Where previous entries in the franchise  provided a list of full-text options for the player’s potential responses, Fallout 4 has reduced these to a dialogue wheel of four options, similar to in BioWare RPGs, where a few words (“yes,” “no,” “sarcastic,” etc) stand in for the general sentiment of what the player will say. Many players have found this to be reductive, and at times even misleading, not providing clear enough choices so that the player can make informed decisions. Fortunately, Bethesda learned well from the ongoing success of Skyrim and is providing robust support for fan-made mods. One of the latest and most popular of these mods for Fallout 4 addresses this issue, recreating the full-text dialogue list in lieu of the wheel.

fallout dialogue mod 3

Full dialogue was created by modders Shadwar and Cirosan, and is available for download now on NexusMods. The mod replaces the dialogue wheel with a list of the complete text for what the player will say. Options that require persuasion are still color-coded to indicate how difficult they will be. The mod works for all instances of dialogue in the game except for dismissing companions, for some reason.

fallout dialogue mod 2

As has always been the case, the mod is only available for the game on PC, but it will likely make its way onto Xbox One eventually as well, as announced by Bethesda and Microsoft during this past year’s E3 conference. This is a first for console games, and is indicative of the increasingly thin line between PC and console gaming underneath the hood. Mod support will also make its way to PlayStation 4 at some point afterwards, as game director Todd Howard told The Telegraph. There is no word on a date yet for when mods will be coming to either console.