‘Fez’ due for three more ports in 2014

fez due three ports 2014 patch update

Polytron Corporation’s Fez is due for three new ports in 2014, as a new post on the company’s website confirms. The perspective-twisting platformer debuted in 2012 for Xbox 360, with three ports – Windows, Linux, and OS X operating systems – following in 2013. Now Polytron is already working to deliver a PlayStation Network port that will be playable on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. That’s confirmed. So the real question is: does it count as three ports or just one?

The latest Polytron update is terse to the point of being vague. There’s just one note about what’s coming in the new year: “2014 will see the release of 3 new FEZ ports.” In all likelihood, that’s a reference to the PlayStation family of supported devices covered under the PSN umbrella. Still, there’s an Xbox One and a Wii U out there, not to mention an assortment of mobile platforms, all of which are Fez-friendly (from a hardware perspective). We’ve reached out to Polytron for clarification.

Fez celebrated one million sold across all platforms earlier this month. The as-yet-undated PSN release from Blit Software, developer of the Spelunky port on PS Vita, was first announced back in August, just weeks before September’s surprise Mac/Linux release as part of Humble Indie Bundle 9. It was a strong bounce back for Polytron, which suffered a setback earlier in the summer when Fez creator Phil Fish discontinued his work on Fez II and announced his departure from game development.

We’ll update this post accordingly if/when we hear back from Polytron.